The Top 10 Reasons Why Manufacturers Discontinue Hair Products We Like

Ever went to the store to purchase your favorite type of shampoo only to find that it has been discontinued? It’s something that is becoming very common.

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People are often frustrated and even angry when manufacturers discontinue hair products. It just doesn’t make sense why a company would discontinue a product that, in the consumer’s view, is selling well and is truly effective. The reasons that manufacturers give, if any, greatly vary. This article will list the 10 top reasons why manufacturers discount hair products that we, the consumers, like.

Reason #1: The Product Isn’t Making Enough Money

Manufacturers ultimately care about one thing: money. If a product doesn’t sell well, they will stop making the product because it isn’t benefiting them.

But how well do they expect it to sell? It depends on the manufacturer and their expectations. Even a product that has decent sales can be discontinued because it simply is not meeting expectations the way the manufacturer expected. This can be a very frustrating thing for a consumer, especially if the product is bought by many people they know. Surely if everyone they know is buying it, the product must be selling well overall. Unfortunately, sales deemed good by the consumer might not be as good in the opinion of the manufacturer.

Reason #2: Manufacturers want to keep up with trends

Another common reason for manufacturers discontinuing hair products we like is because they feel that a certain product is outdated. Thus, they think it is in their best interest to simply eliminate that product. This can and does happen despite solid sales and good consumer interest. It sounds crazy, but it’s a definite fact that manufacturers don’t deny. They will cease making a product that they feel is past its prime.

Reason #3: The product has suffered a recent decline in sales and the manufacturer feels it won’t rebound.

Products that once sold extremely well occasionally suffer periods of dismal sales. This often prompts the manufacturer to simply give up on the product and discontinue it. They do this because they do not feel the product will sell as well as it did before. So they come to the conclusion that it is best for them to stop making the product.

Reason #4: Ingredients needed to make the product are no longer available.

Manufacturers often require special ingredients to make a certain hair product. Once these ingredients cannot be found anymore, mainly because they have simply ceased to exist, the manufacturers are left with no other alternative but to stop making the product. Even if they can find a substitute ingredient, it may not work as well as they need it to, so they may still discontinue the product.

Reason #5: Manufacturers want to add a new product to their line, and in order to do this, they must eliminate another product.

When manufacturers want to create a hot, new product, they may have to get rid of an older product on their line to make room for the new product. It’s a tough choice to make, but sometimes a necessary one, especially if the manufacturer is committed to a new product.

Reason #6: The Government or Some Other Organization Tells the Hair Product Manufacturer to Stop Making the Product

Sometimes the government or another organization will disapprove of a product for one reason or another. Either it doesn’t meet safety standards or isn’t a good product for consumers. Whatever the case is, if the government or an organization of authority demands that the manufacturer discontinue the hair product, the manufacturer has no choice but to stop making the product, even if it sells well and is in demand.

Reason #7: The Hair Product Manufacturer is Sued by Another Company that Claims the Hair Product is Infringing on a Copyright.

Occasionally, manufacturers borrow product ideas from other manufacturers. The manufacturer who has been “ripped off” is usually pretty upset and so they sue or threaten to sue the other manufacturer, demanding that they stop making the offending product. Although this scenario is rare, it does indeed happen and can lead to a good product being discontinued because the manufacturer that is being threatened with a law suit doesn’t want to be sued and would rather give up the product than head to court.

Reason #8: The Manufacturer is Going Bankrupt and Must Discontinue Products.

Unfortunately, many hair product manufacturers go through down periods where they are close to bankruptcy or are already in bankruptcy. When this occurs, they are faced with many decisions, one of which is if they should cancel a product to help cut down on costs. Often, they choose to discontinue a product that isn’t selling great, or costs too much to make. If a manufacturer is in bankruptcy and cancels a product you like, it’s most likely due to their financial hardship.

Reason #9: The Product isn’t in a popular market

Manufacturers often like to branch out by making products in markets that they haven’t tested the water in before. This could be a new market for hair products that is just being introduced to the public. In any event, the market turns out to not be very popular, and so continuing to make the product is a risky investment for the manufacturer. Thus, they decide it is best for them to stop producing the product so that they do not risk anything more. It would be bad business to continue the production of a risky product.

Reason #10: The Product Has Been Boycotted

If there’s one thing that kills hair product manufacturers and makes them want to discontinue a product, it’s a well-staged boycott. While manufacturers will ignore most boycotts, some prove to be so effective that the manufacturer cannot help but take notice. The boycotts occur for many different reasons, but if they are geared toward one specific product by one specific manufacturer, they can lead to the discontinuation of that product. This is yet another one of the reason’s why manufacturers discontinue hair products we like.

As you can see, there are many factors indicating why many manufacturers must choose what is right for themselves financially as well as deciding what is best for the market and the protection of the consumer.

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