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What conditioner and or product do you recommend for summertime humidity? I would like to have my hair smooth once in a while during the season. On non-humid days, I blow dry my naturally wavy hair and use a flatiron for smoothness. Thanks.

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One of our leading summertime lines of haircare products is the
Sleek Look System by Matrix. Their products are specifically designed to
be “humidity resistant”. The sprays and/ or Lockout spray (used after
finishing your hairstyle) are both water-free – hence helping to fight


For blow drying your naturally wavy hair and using a flatiron for smoothness, you may also want to try: Back to Basics Straightening Creme, along with the new Back to Basics Bamboo Straightening Shampoo and Bamboo Conditioner, found in our New Graham Webb Back to Basics section of our website.

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