Coloring Your Hair At Home

Choosing the Best At-Home Color Option for Yourself

While the cost of a professional color is a bit expensive, you can easily do the same job at home for less. By doing a bit of research, consulting with your stylist, and understanding the coloring process, you can expect to get great results when you color your hair at home. With all of the latest advances in hair coloring products, you should feel very comfortable about coloring your own hair at home. You don’t want to try to go from dark brown hair to bombshell blonde at home, but you can change your hair color a few shades effortlessly and successfully.

There are a few considerations you should make when deciding on what color to change your hair to:

hair color The first consideration is if you want the color to be permanent or semi-permanent. A permanent color will last for months while a semi-permanent color will wash out over time as you wash your hair. If you have never colored your hair before, you might want to play with the semi-color options and see if you like a specific color before committing to it for a long time. Once you decide on the perfect color for you, then you could choose a permanent hair color option.

skin tone The most important consideration when choosing a color for your hair is your skin tone. If your skin is ivory or a light cream color, you will look the best with light brown, beige and strawberry blonde colors. If your skin is a darker color such as tan or golden brown, then you will look the best by coloring your hair a dark brown, honey brown, copper or mahogany color. If your skin color is a bit pinker you should go with a light brown or wheat color. If you have a very dark skin color you should choose a dark brown, plum or black color. You may wish to highlight black hair with plum or burgundy highlights.

highlights Highlights are another consideration when looking to color your hair at home. Hair naturally has some highlighting in it caused by variations in color of each strand of your hair. By coloring your hair you can loose this natural highlight and cause your hair to look dull. By adding a bit of highlighting to your hair you can easily restore the shimmer and shine.

As you can see, you have a few things to think about when coloring your hair at home. You might want to start out with a semi-permanent color and then move to a more permanent color once you find just the right color which suits your skin tone. By adding a bit of highlighting you can also retain your hair’s natural shine and shimmer.

We reccommend that before you attempt to color your own hair, you should first consult with your personal stylist.