Conditioner: Which is Right?

Buying hair products can be somewhat confusing. Sometimes it can be an outright ordeal. On a daily basis you are hammered with product advertisements in magazines and on television. It can be difficult to decipher the good products from the ones that will do nothing for your hair.

There are several hair products that are must haves for everyone, but those products depend on what type of hair you have.

The first thing you have to do of course is to find a good shampoo. I don’t mean one that the advertising says is good. What I mean is one that contains the ingredients that will make your hair healthy.

You’ll want to find a product that contains no waxy substances. If you’re not sure which do and which don’t, your best bet is to stick with the professional shampoos or ask your hair stylist. Shampoos that are from the true professionals will not be found in your local grocery store, or Wal-Mart. They’ll be found at more professional based stores, such as beauty salons or websites, such as

Next is a hair conditioner. Choosing a conditioner that is right for you will involve making sure the conditioner fits your specific type of hair. Reading the label of a bottle can be helpful in knowing if a specific conditioner is suitable to use on your hair. For instance, Paul Mitchell carries a conditioner entitled: The Conditioner. This specific conditioner is made for all hair types and protects hair from the damage that daily styling can cause. Another good conditioner is the Back to Basics Sunflower Leave In Spray. This conditioner is leave-in, which means you do not wash it out. This conditioner infuses your hair with moisturizer to leave it shiny, smooth, and feeling great!

There are also other factors to consider. Lets say you have color-treated hair, and you want to volumize it. How do you know if a conditioner is safe for your color-treated hair? Well, Kenra’s Volumizing Conditioner is! It offers volume, livening proteins, and is safe for your color treated hair. If you’re unsure if a conditioner is safe for your hair, you can always contact the manufacturer, or go to their website for more details. The amount of time you spend in the sun can also be a factor in what type of conditioner you purchase! Some manufactures make conditioners that protect your hair from UV rays. Biosilk offers a volumizing conditioner that protects your hair from UV rays. Remember, there are many factors which can affect which conditioners will be most beneficial to your hair.

If your hair is damaged, then you’ll want to choose one that will repair your hair or remoisturize your hair. Kenra offers a moisturizing conditioner that hydrates extremely coarse, dry, and brittle hair. This moisturizing conditioner has a deep penetrating formula that helps rehydrate your hair for better manageability, elasticity, and shine.

Another thing to remember is cost. Not all conditioners that will work for your hair type, are going to cost you an overzealous amount.

The key to having beautiful hair is to manage it, and take care of it to the best of your ability. The more chemical laden products you put into your hair, the more you could possibly be harming it. Buy a conditioner for your hair type and you will have chosen a conditioner that is right for you.

On a side note, just because a hair care product is ‘professional‘, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is better. This is where you have to do your part and read the labels. The ingredient label is what truly tells you which hair care product is better suited for your hair, not to mention safer! There is a lot of research out there about what ingredients in shampoos and conditioners will improve the health of your hair.

Some great ingredients to look for in your conditioner are:

Fenugreek, horsetail, ivy burdock and capiscum. These improve circulation!

Moisturizers help dry and over-colored hair!

Balsam adds volume by coating the shaft.

Oils and waxes, such as avocado oil can provide a coating to stop water evaporation. This helps make the hair look shiny and smooth.

The vitamin B5, because it contains panthenol. Panthenol pulls moisture from the air and helps to hydrate your hair.

Some things to avoid in your conditioners are:

Honey does nothing for your hair, and is completely water soluble.

Vitamin E is a nutrient your hair does not consume.

Carrot oil is used for aroma and color, not for the health of your hair.

Allergens are substances capable of causing an allergic reaction, be sure to keep an eye out for these!

Armed with this information, you will be able to shop smart. Information such as this will help you be on your way to a beautiful, shinning head of hair!
Have a great week everyone!