Double Hair Bun the Easy Way!

Here is another cute way to use the Sophist-o-Twist type Eur-O-Twists you can purchase at Stuff4Beauty. A double bun! Have you often wondered how to put your hair in a bun? Have you ever had trouble getting your bun to look good? If so, here is the answer! No hairpins needed!

Wearing your hair in a bun has many advantages. If you do not have time to wash your hair, just put it in a bun and no-one will notice that your hair is not squeaky clean. Wearing a bun is not old fashioned in my opinion, and does give you a trendy, elegant look. Running short on time? Put your hair in a bun and go, it is simple and fast!

While we are on the hair bun subject today, I just thought I should add this video. I thought the technique was awesome!The weekend is almost here!