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Judi Strack
Nov 10 2016 14:30 PM Post #1089
Location : Lake Placis, NY

Favorite Product : Graham Webb hair spray
How did you find us? : Ordered before
Those codes are????????
Love that you have the Graham Webb hair spray, never have been able to find anything that does such a good job for my hair.
Thank you for the free gift
Nov 08 2016 7:13 AM Post #1088
Location : Canton, CT

Favorite Product : hair spray
How did you find us? : online
Very Happy Love the quick response and free gift. My discontinued favorite hair spray came early. Thank you. I highly recommend Stuff4Beauty thank you
Diana Daab
Oct 20 2016 11:56 AM Post #1086
Location : U.S., Illinois, Smithton

Favorite Product : Perfect 10 Nail Polish
How did you find us? : On-line
I have looked and looked for this product and just as I was about to give up.....TA DA ......I discovered "Stuff 4 Beauty". What a find!!! Not only am I 100% happy with my purchase, but delivery was speedy. A gift was also enclosed for which I am very grateful. Matter of fact I liked the gift product so much that I will probably be ordering it from you as well.
Oct 09 2016 13:11 PM Post #1085
Location : Monterey, CA

Favorite Product : Aquage silkenimg oil
How did you find us? : Google
It's been a VERY long time since I've recieved a not from an online order and then to get a free gift on top of the quick shipping, well done customer service!
Charlotte Y Holloway
Sep 18 2016 15:47 PM Post #1084
Location : Pontotoc

Favorite Product : All
How did you find us? : 6624891531
Received my products in just a couple days. Love the variety you have. Great place to shop...
Sep 01 2016 9:55 AM Post #1083
Location : Nashville

Favorite Product : Laminates
How did you find us? : website
Very Happy
Love this product and so please with this company. Great prices and quick delivery. Well done!! I will use again. Thanks for the free gift, too!!
Aug 23 2016 20:50 PM Post #1082
Location : Palm Springs, CA

Favorite Product : Abba Alphaworks
How did you find us? : Internet Product Search
I am delighted to have found Stuff4Beauty! The service was fast, they had my very hard to find product AND they included a free gift!! I am in the middle of a major move and HUGE remodel...I thought I had packed enough of my almost-impossible-to-find Abba Alphaworks to last until my worldly goods arrive from the movers. I didn't anticipate the remodel would take endless months...when I discovered I was running low on Alphaworks I kind of panicked. I am addicted to the scent to wake me up in the morning...crazy, but true. Because it has been discontinued, I doubted I would be able to find any and would be doomed to not fully waking up for another month or more (I have an enormous supply in storage with my movers). I was thrilled to find Stuff4Beauty had what I needed...they sent it promptly, and included the aforementioned free gift, which just happened to be some great hairspray, and something I actually planned to go buy tomorrow Very Happy Thank you so much.... I think I love you, Stuff4Beauty!!!!
Aug 17 2016 16:25 PM Post #1081
Location : Minnesota

Favorite Product : Brit Style Enery Lock Hair Spray
How did you find us? : Repeat Customer
Very Happy My favorite place to find the"hard to find" products that I love.
Your service is fast, products arrive in excellent condition and they are right every time!!
I have recommended stuff4beauty to all of my beauty conscious friends.
Love you guys and will continue to shop here for as long as you're around!!!
Glenda Calhoun
Aug 09 2016 7:15 AM Post #1080
Location : Jackson, SC

Favorite Product : Scrupples High Definition hair spray
How did you find us? : searching internet
Kudos, Compliments, Credit Where Due to your business for excellent, swift results when ordering. Thank you. We sometimes get so caught up in complaints, we fail to make mention of companies such as yours that perform with excellence.
Julie Iddings
Jul 26 2016 5:29 AM Post #1079
Location : Erie, PA

Favorite Product : Back to Basics Flexible Hold Hair Spray
How did you find us? : Internet search
Very Happy Very, very happy with being able to get my favorite hairspray from you - it has been discontinued and you guys are the only place that I can find it! Quick service and got a FREE GIFT! Thanks! I will use you again and again!
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