Hair Color 101

Finding the right shade of color for your hair can be as difficult as picking out a new car. You want it to fit you and complement all of your assests. It all starts with finding a shade that compliments your complexion and skin tone. The basic rule when picking color is to know what shade the color will come out when it is done; you take the color you want + the color you already have = your new color. Another rule of thumb to follow is never go more than two shades lighter or darker from your natural shade. Most warm tones will look good with deep rich colors such as brown, auburn, mahogany, and chestnut. Most cool tones will look good with intense shades of blonde, red, or brown. Just keep in mind that the shade on the box does not have your hair color mixed in with it so results will always very. To help protect your new hair color use Wella Color Preserve Styling Gel to add texture and hold while adding long lasting shine and UV filters.

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Tip of the Day!!!
At home solution for dry over processed hair- put olive oil on your hair 15-20 minutes before showering then shampoo out and your hair will be silky and smooth. Repeat when necessary.

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