How to Repair and Restore Split Ends

The battle against split ends has been waging for centuries as men and women try to seek methods to fix the split ends they have and prevent their return. The unsightly splitting of the hair can make one’s hair frizzy, knotty, and all around unmanageable. Minimizing split ends can give your hair a sleek, healthy look that is easier to manage.

The first trick to dealing with split ends is knowing how they develop. The medical term for split ends is “trichoptilosis” and refers to the split that can occur at the bottom of a strand of hair. Sometime the strand splits in half, but sometimes it splits multiple times along the hair shaft. The longer the split ends remain untreated, the more noticeable the splits become as they ride up the strand of hair. In order to minimize the long-term damage, it is best to take action against the split ends as soon as you see them.

The most common reasons split ends occur is excessive brushing or blow-drying. Many brushes have bristles that can damage the hair. When choosing a brush, it is best to pick one that not only has a wide base but also has bristles that are spaced apart so as not to damage the hair while you brush. If you pick a brush that has holes in the base, it allows the air from the hair dryer to flow more smoothly through your hair, minimizing damage. Brush just enough to get the tangles out. If you want to brush more, try not to exceed 100 strokes.

The hair dryer is one of the main culprits for split ends as the constant heat easily damages your hair. While it is best to let your hair dry naturally, this may not always be a possibility. Many hair dryers on the market today, however, have a “cool” option that lets you dry your hair on a cooler setting. Drying your hair on the cool setting is an excellent way to help offset the development of split ends. Using your hair dryer’s diffuser extension is a good way to deflect the excess hot air as well.

Along the lines of the hair dryer’s heat, it is important to recognize the damage the sun’s heat can do to your hair. The UV rays of the sun can not only damage your skin but they can also accelerate the development of split ends. When you are spending time in the sun it is important to take appropriate precautions not only for your skin but also for your hair. Conditioning your hair regularly will help its moisture content. Some conditioners even have sunscreen included. Wearing a hat or pulling your hair back is also a way to minimize your hair’s exposure to the harmful UV rays.

A popular activity on sunny days is to take a dip in the swimming pool. It is important to recognize the potential damage chemicals like chlorine can cause to your hair and the development or acceleration of split ends. If you do not want to wear a swimming cap, make sure to wash your hair when you leave the pool. This will get the harmful chemicals off your hair and help it to retain its moisture which will help reduce split ends.

If you already have split ends there are ways in which to treat them and keep them from developing further. If it has been a while since your last trim, visit the salon and let them know about the split ends. Usually a trim of ¼ inch to ½ inch will take care of the split ends. If you observe a split end or two and don’t want to make the trip to the salon a quick snip of damaged hair strands will do the trick. For multiple split ends it’s best to see a professional and get an all-around trim. If you are comfortable trimming your own hair, however, this could be an affordable and quick method to fix your split ends. The important thing to know is if you see a split end take action. Do not let it hang around because it will cause more damage in the long run.

There are also products available that will bind your split ends together.

A few products we suggest are:

Alterna Hemp Split Ends Reconstructor

Alterna Hemp Split Ends Reconstructor

Joico K-Pak Reconstruct Split End Mender

Joico K-Pak Reconstruct Split End Mender

Tigi Bed Head Ego Boost Leave In Conditioner

Tigi Bed Head Ego Boost Leave In Conditioner

This is a temporary quick fix that minimizes the appearance of the split ends. These chemicals essentially glue the split end back together. While this will obtain the sleek, healthy look you are looking for it is still not preferable to the actual removal of the split ends. If you want to use a binding agent, still visit the salon to have the split ends removed at some point.

Split ends have been experienced by just about everyone. While they can be a pain to deal with, prevention and quick removal are the best ways to take care of the unsightly damage. If your hair is free of split ends be sure to watch out for chemicals, heat, and UV rays that can potentially cause split ends to occur. If your hair already has split ends you have a variety of options from a hair cut to binding them back together. Split ends can easily be fixed and managed.

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