Matrix Biolage Fortifying – How to use?

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I have a question. If I use the Biolage Fortifying Leave In Treatment, is it also necessary to use the Biolage Fortifying Heat Styler if I blow-dry my hair every other day? Or is the Fortifuing Leave In Treatment enough to protect my hair from the heat? Thanks.

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When using the fortifying system by Biolage, the fortifying leave in
treatment is not a thermal protectant like the Fortifying Heat Styler –
it is simply a leave-in treatment used to help maintain and rebuild the
keratin fibers in your hair, which, in essence help to build up and
restructure the hair shaft – it has no thermal protectant ingredients.
Our suggestion would be to maintain using both – the leave in protectant first and then follow with the Fortifying Heat Styler.

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