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This page was designed to help anyone who is experiencing or thinks they may experience any type of hair loss. (Plus a few extras!) We have gathered a lot of information over the years and we wanted to share what we've learned with our clients. Granted there is much information here, but we really didn't know what to omit, it's all very interesting and important.
We are a group of licensed Cosmetologists and have almost 20 years experience. We believe 100% in Nioxin and some of us have used it for over 8 years. We use it not only on ourselves and my family's, but highly recommend it to all our friends and clients. We know you will love it as much as we do!

You will see a slight difference in Nioxin products in the upcoming months as Nioxin has developed new products and treatments.

System 1 is for fine, natural hair, normal to thin-Looking (early stages)

System 2 is for fine hair, natural hair noticeable stages of thinning (advanced statges)

System 3 is for early stages of thinning and for treated hair, colored or permed.

System 4 is for chemically enhanced fine hair, noticeable thinning

System 5 is for medium to course hair early stages of hair loss, natural hair.

System 6 is for medium to course hair. for advanced stages of thinning. natural hair.

System 7 is for medium to course normal to thin-looking chemically enhanced hair

System 8 is for medium to course chemically enhanced noticeable thinning hair

Remember that all the styling aids have remained the same.

Treatments are recommended with all systems. Treatment products include Scalp Therapy Treatment, Cytonutrient Treatment, Recharging complex and Follicle Booster.

We hope you find this information helpful in understanding what Nioxin is all about, and what it can do for you. Thanks for visiting!

Many men and women suffer from hair loss, and it is one of the biggest contributions to stress in our lives. Two out of every three men can expect to be bald (or balding) by the time they reach 50 years of age. As many as 36 percent of all women between the ages of 40 and 49 agonize over some degree of hair thinning or loss. Today, adults aren't the only ones suffering from hair loss, even children face these issues! To make matters worse, researchers are finding that environmental issues are causing both men and women to lose hair at an earlier age than ever before.

FEW THINGS ARE MORE STRESSFUL than finding clumps of hair in your shower, on your brush, or on your pillow. Just a little shedding often drives men and women, both young and old, to utter despair. But, if caught early, there is hope. With early detection, professional consultation and advanced products and technologies, it is possible to bring solutions to the millions of people who suffer from the effects of thinning, fine and limp hair.

Your Hair Stylist Can Hold the Key

ONE OF YOUR FIRST LINES OF DEFENSE against hair loss is your professional hair stylist. Studies show that professional hair stylists keep up with current hair loss theories, giving them insight into making hair loss product recommendations based on your personal needs, such as detoxifying the scalp, styling that makes the hair look fuller and thicker, and other techniques.

1.GENETIC PREDISPOSITION Scientific research shows that over the past decade, hair loss has been on the rise in both men and women. A genetic predisposition of hormonal balances and imbalances, as well as the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone DHT, can be inherited from either your mothers or your fathers side of the family. Aging plays a natural part in follicle deterioration and hair loss. Throughout our lives, testosterone and estrogen levels in men and women go through dramatic changes. These hormonal fluctuations and the conversion to DHT can cause hair loss. What is more common is an age-related, family predisposition to hormonal changes that can cause hair loss.

2. STRESS AND TRAUMA Increased levels of stress might produce increased levels of testosterone, which converts to DHT and interrupts the hair growth cycle. Stress or trauma can also constrict the blood supply to the capillaries, causing a lack of oxygen and nutrient uptake, as well as poor vitamin and nutrient assimilation for the hair follicle.

3. NUTRITION AND DIET High consumption of animal fats (such as those found in fast food), vitamin A or rapid weight loss reduces the amino acids and vitamin assimilation needed for hair growth. Poor nutrition, limiting food intake, and liquid protein diets can cause hair loss. Deficiencies in biotin, iron, protein and zinc are particularly damaging to healthy hair growth. Toxicity of vitamins and minerals can also cause hair loss.

4. HEALTH Not all healthy bodies produce beautiful, healthy hair! Malfunction of the hormone producing thyroid (hyperthyroid and hypothyroid disease) is one of the only known health related causes of hair loss. The side effects of the medications used to treat thyroid diseases can also cause hair loss problems. Pregnant women, generally considered healthy, can also experience hair loss that is generally associated with temporary hormonal changes in the body.

5. MEDICATIONS The side effects of drugs can cause hair loss, as the hair follicle is super sensitive to changes. Birth control, for example, is a hormone. Almost any hormonal therapy can potentially cause hair loss. Steroids, specific chemotherapies as well as many blood pressure, diabetic, heart disease and acne medications can cause temporary or permanent hair loss.

6. ENVIRONMENT Our scalps are continuously exposed to air pollutants, chlorine, metals, minerals and water pollution. Pollutants from the environment, such as pseudo-estrogens (estrogen mimics) and toxins from within our body, can combine to play a role in hair loss. Through the phototoxic effects of sunlight, free radicals are formed when ordinary sunlight (or the light from fluorescent tubes or tanning beds) strikes and penetrates the skin. These harmful UV rays can unnaturally age the skin cells and might affect the hair shaft.

Types of Scalp Hair


The first type of hair is vellus hair, which is approximately 1 mm long. This fine hair is present on the body after the soft hair of infancy is gone. Vellus hair is very fine and shallow-rooted. It is sometimes described as "peach fuzz" when on the top of the head, around the hairline, or on the back of the neck.

VELLUS HAIR IS SHALLOWLY ROOTED IN THE SCALP, making it extremely fragile and easy to detach from the scalp and more susceptible to environmental conditions. Something as simple as a vigorous shampooing or rough scalp massage can cause vellus hair to be damaged or fall out.

TERMINAL HAIR IS THICKER AND STRONGER, it is the hair we all desire to have and keep. It is the only hair we are able to cut, style and chemically treat. Terminal hair is the mature, thicker, deeper-rooted hair that can grow up to 3 feet long. Terminal hairs are deeply rooted and lie closer to the larger blood vessels (the prime source of essential nourishment). Think of it this way; the deeper the root, the more nourishment the hair receives and the healthier, fuller and thicker each hair will be. An open follicle free of debris is vital to vellus and terminal hair growth, development and a long life-cycle.

Miniaturization of Hair

MINIATURIZATION OCCURS WHEN the hair follicle deterioration from pollutants and/or toxins causes individual hairs to become smaller and finer until the follicle remains in the telogen (resting phase) and is totally dormant.

OUR HAIR FOLLICLE IS SENSITIVE to internal and external changes. Therefore, any changes in our diet, stress level, drugs, health, and living environment play a role in the miniaturization of our hair follicles. Genetics can also play a role for many men and women. When a healthy terminal hair goes through the normal life cycle, we have fuller, thicker, more beautiful hair. When the terminal hair goes through a reduced lifecycle, we have a more miniaturized hair. And, as each life cycle occurs more rapidly, we can expect to see the hair becoming more miniaturized, eventually regressing to vellus hair. The shallowly rooted vellus hair, due to a shorter life cycle, does not get the chance to mature into deep-rooted terminal hair. Terminal hair is thicker, stronger and better able to be styled. It is deep rooted and closer to the nourishment from the blood supply. The terminal hair also remains in the anagen stage much longer than vellus hair. When the hairs life cycle is shortened, thick, luscious hair will be replaced with finer, miniaturized hair. Miniaturized hairs are easily epilated from the scalp, interrupting the life cycle and increasing the potential that new hair may not grow back.

HAIR LOSS CAN BEGIN AS EARLY AS AGE 17 How can we begin to lose hair at this age? Testosterone levels are at their very highest at this time of life. Current thought strongly implicates dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an aromatization by-product of testosterone, in hair loss. DHT fills receptor sites faster and more completely than testosterone (it has an amplified effect). However, what is not commonly appreciated is the fact that aromatization is indiscriminate. In other words, it is equally possible for testosterone to be aromatized into estrogen or DHT. To prove the point, it is a fact that many boys going through puberty experience tender breasts and see some breast enlargement. This condition goes away as testosterone levels decrease with age. However, pseudo-estrogens (environmental pollutants that are also known as estrogen mimics) constantly bombard the body and have a rising impact with age. They are probably why hair loss is now occurring at earlier ages and is more progressive.

THE NEXT AGE RANGE AT WHICH HAIR LOSS TENDS TO OCCUR is between the ages of 35 and 45. Why? An interesting physiological phenomenon occurs in this age range. Aromatization of testosterone begins to more commonly take the pathway leading to estradiol (a female hormone). Studies of males demonstrate a linear rise in estradiol levels with each succeeding decade. In some cases, this increase is so dramatic that men can have serum estradiol levels as high as reproductively active women. New theories indicate that this may be a factor in prostate enlargement, which commonly occurs in men during this age range. This theory has only been documented in outside clinical studies with dogs; its application to humans is mostly postulated at this point.

DHT, which is associated with androgenetic alopecia, is less strongly connected to the thinning found in both sexes in their late seventies and eighties. Men who generally experience androgenetic alopecia or the effects of DHT will usually see a recession in the hairline by late adolescents or early adulthood. Women, on the other hand, generally experience a diffused thinning that is more evident in their thirties or forties.


Another factor involved with age and hair loss is the discovery of two different types of estrogen receptors. Every cell in the body has both alpha and beta receptor sites.

Receptors are proteins imbedded in the membrane of the cell. They are activated by a hormone, drug, chemical or another protein. As they relate to hair growth the alpha receptor opens up the cell and allows substances in or out. Stimulation of an alpha receptor has very little effect on hair growth, hair generally remains in the anagen phase (growth cycle). Beta receptors, however, target different tissue responsive areas of the body. They activate the cell membrane and will not permit substances in or out.

When pseudo-estrogens bind with beta receptors, the beta receptors will often send the follicle into the telogen phase (resting phase).

ONE OF THE MORE INTRIGUING OBSERVATIONS noted by dermatologists in the last 20 years is the dramatic increase in thinning hair among women. Even more interesting is the fact that this syndrome is becoming a serious problem for women over the age of 25 in the industrialized regions of Asia. This is particularly striking as Asian women are not known for losing their hair at any age.

WHY MIGHT THIS BE HAPPENING? It should be noted that the reasons for womens hair loss are vastly different than those of men. Men generally experience patterned baldness, while women experience diffused thinning. The presence of pseudo-estrogens has a more profound effect on women because they require estrogen as their sex hormone for normal function. Pseudo-estrogens fill receptor sites otherwise destined for estradiol. Pseudo-estrogens fill receptor sites faster and have a tighter fit than estrogen itself. The end result is an artificially engineered estrogen deficiency. In women, this results in hair loss due to inhibition of progesterone secretion well as the inability of progesterone to fill receptor sites occupied by pseudo-estrogens.

Progesterone is vital in women for normal hair growth and the prevention of hair loss. There have been studies which show that topical anti-estrogen treatments can help and that a number of naturally occurring fragrance compositions successfully oppose pseudo-estrogens. However, the most important aspect of prevention is cleansing. Most pseudo-estrogens are very difficult to remove from the scalp skin without specialized cleansers, but most of the problems associated with these pollutants can be eliminated.

DHT IMPACT ON THE HAIR FOLLICLE Another threat to healthy hair growth is DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Over time, the hair follicle naturally produces an enzyme named 5-Alpha Reductase. It is this enzyme, or complex of enzymes, that reacts with testosterone to create DHT (a toxin that is very difficult to remove from the scalp skin).

Testosterone, naturally present in the hair follicle, converts to DHT and has been found to be a contributing cause of hair loss. The natural process of aromatization or conversion of estrogen into testosterone and testosterone into either estrogen or dihydrotestosterone (DHT) must be kept in balance for proper hair growth to occur.

IN SUMMARY, pseudo-estrogens are believed to be created by pollution that clogs the receptor site (protein imbedded sites around the follicle that attract nutrients essential to hair production). Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a toxin that fills the receptor site and cannot be removed by shampooing alone it takes special cleansers to do this. An increase in pseudo-estrogen and DHT levels can cause miniaturization of the hair and a shortened life cycle. Research has linked natural aging to increasing estrogen and DHT levels in both men and women resulting in progressive age-related increases in follicle damage and hair thinning.


1. Genetic Predisposition Family history of hair loss 2. Stress and Trauma. Constriction of blood supply. Poor vitamin assimilation. 3. Nutrition and Diet. High consumption of animal fats 4. Health - Thyroid 5. Medications - Chemotherapy 6. Environment - Pseudo-Estrogens Pseudo-Androgen Defining

Normal/Abnormal Hair Loss

SOME LOSS OR SHEDDING OF HAIR EVERY DAY IS NORMAL for both men and women. We average 150,000 to 200,000 hairs on our scalp.

Blondes generally have the most number of hairs, followed by brunettes and then redheads. At any given time, about 85-90 percent of your scalp hair is in anagen, the growing phase, that lasts between 2 and 6 years. The remaining 13 percent of scalp hair is in telogen, the resting phase, while less than 1 percent of the scalp hair is in catagen, the intermediate phase.

Conventional wisdom has indicated that the loss of 100 to 125 hairs a day is normal. However, recent research has shown that when cleansing daily, a loss of more than 50 hairs per day may be excessive and an early indication of a thinning or hair loss problem.

Obviously, hair must be replaced at the same rate as its daily loss in order to maintain existing hair density. And, following the telogen stage, it will take about 3 weeks for the follicle cells to produce new anagen hair.

IF PROTECTED, THE NEW ANAGEN HAIR MATURES into a stronger, deeper rooted terminal hair. It is crucial to new hair development that the follicle stays open and clean during this stage. Conventional hair care and styling products often contain sticky animal proteins and resins that weigh down fragile, thin or fine hair and often fill or block the follicle. By blocking the follicle, it has the potential to prevent this new fragile hair from coming through the skin. The key is to keep the follicle clean and free of debris so that new anagen hair can grow and mature into fuller, thicker and healthier terminal hair, whose lifecycle extends as long as possible.

Other Common Causes of Abnormal Hair Loss


Demodex folliculorum, a microscopic mite, has also been associated with hair thinning or loss. It was originally discovered by Richard Owens in the 1840s and has long been known to inhabit the scalp, eyebrows and forehead area. However, NIOXIN Research Laboratories first discovered a link between the presence of thinning hair and demodex in 1997. It has since been corroborated in a study done by Tulane University in 1999.

Demodex is not present on every persons scalp. This tiny, almost microscopic organism, produces a digestive enzyme called lipase. Lipase is needed in order for the demodex to break down and feed on the sebum produced by the sebaceous gland. Scalp skin with excessive amounts of sebum appears to be the most likely to have demodex colonies. This ecto-parasite has a hard outer shell, which the oily sebum sticks to tenaciously. Demodex robs the developing hair of essential nutrients by feeding on the sebum. It is believed that demodex is born, lives, reproduces and dies within 15 days in the hair follicle. Demodex folliculorum is an alien to the follicle and the lipase it produces is believed to adversely affect the quality, condition and appearance of your hair. The presence of demodex has also been associated with inflammation, which is believed to also shorten hairs life cycle.

Studies at Tulane University have confirmed a link between demodex and thinning hair. Although demodex is not present on every scalp, the study found that demodex was present on 88 percent of men and women studied with thinning hair. Demodex was not found on 91 percent of men and women studied with normal hair density. Current studies indicate that African-Americans may not have Demodex.


Hair loss has also been found with fluctuations in hormone levels associated with pregnancy, birth control pills, menopause and home treatments (over the counter drugs and occasionally herbal supplement


Poor blood circulation depriving hair of proper nutrition and toxin removal.


Mechanical aggression, such as rigorous hair brushing and styling or rough scalp massage. Pulling, twisting and binding hair too tight (including improperly done hair extensions) often cause temporary or even permanent hair loss.

Improper scalp hygiene, build-up of conventional hair care and styling products containing resins and polymers on the scalp. Trichotillomania, which is a seriously under diagnosed condition affecting up to 3.4% of the U.S. population. Typically striking in early adolescence, trichotillomania is a disorder characterized by the inability to control or resist the compulsive urge to pull one's hair from the scalp. It's effects can range from mild hair loss to permanent baldness and scaring.

What You Can Do To Prevent Hair Loss

IT IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA if you are experiencing excessive hair loss or scalp inflammation, or developing bald spots to consult with a medical professional. While your hair stylist may be one of the first people to notice a problem and can be your first line of defense, a physical illness, medication, diet or predisposition could be an issue. You should seek treatment, and be treated as early as possible, as the cause of your hair thinning or balding problem may be symptoms of greater underlying issues. Stress and trauma, high consumption of animal fats and rapid weight loss can all cause deficiencies in biotin, iron, protein and zinc (essential to healthy hair). An over consumption of vitamin A and thyroid problems will also cause hair thinning and loss. As in all medical or internal disorders, the earlier you recognize and address the symptoms and deficiencies at work, the better your chances are for protecting your health and stopping hair loss

WHEN LOSS CANNOT BE AVOIDED, todays hairpieces, weaving and new cutting and styling techniques can help you have thicker looking locks. Manufacturers of many hair care and styling products are specifically designing products to cosmetically give your hair a more voluminous appearance. These products should be carefully scrutinized, as they often simply coat the hair and buildup on the scalp. This can cause the follicle to become blocked thus enhancing the overall problems associated with hair follicle debris. If hair transplant surgery is your option of choice and you can afford it you will be happy to know that new hair replacement techniques are delivering more natural looking hairline results everyday.


We have preventive dentistry, prenatal care and physical exams to detect and solve problems before they become problems. The old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure holds a lot of truth to it. This is very important to remember when dealing with hair thinning or loss. Identifying problems early helps maintains hair density. Daily scalp hygiene should be an important part of your hairs preventive maintenance. It does matter what shampoo you use! Conventional products are formulated to clean the fabric or fiber of hair. What is needed is to cleanse the hair shaft, the environment on the scalp skin and the follicle tissue itself. Then it is important to moisturize and energize the cellular activity of the living hair and scalp skin and nourish the hair follicle and surrounding tissue. That takes unconventional ingredients and unconventional products. You need to select cleansers, conditioners, treatments, supplements and styling products that contain bionutrients, like vitamins, proteins and amino acids. These provide the nourishment living hair and skin need to be healthy. Avoid products with sticky animal proteins, polymers, plastic resins, alcohol, or that claim to volumize the hair. They may help you achieve the look you seek, but they can also build up on the scalp and block the hair follicle.

Take care of your living hair, your scalp and inner-self.

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