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Unwanted body hair: we all have it, but how far are we willing to go to get rid of it? As consumers we spend millions of dollars on hair removal products that only waste our time and money. Tweezers, razors, waxes, wonder lotions and yet the hair just keeps coming back! That is because none of these typical hair removal methods get to the root of the problem the "root" itself, otherwise known as the hair follicle. The Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System can change all of that.

Hair follicles are located beneath the skin's surface and thereby unaffected by any topical treatment. To permanently remove the hair we must go below the skin. This can be done through a process known as electrolysis in which a needle is inserted into the hair shaft. An electrical current is then passed through the hair and into the hair follicle dissolving it and causing permanent destruction of hair growth.

Electrolysis is proven to be a highly effective permanent hair removal procedure, but it also has its disadvantages. The entire process can be quite painful. Treatment itself requires a high degree of technical skill to accurately make contact with the hair follicle. The use of a needle also increases a patient's chance of developing an infection. Not to mention that treatments can cost $60 - $100 per hour and require weekly sessions for a period of several months up to a year. permanent

Increasing technology has provided us with an alternative treatment that utilizes the use of lasers. While laser hair removal allows us to treat a larger area in a shorter amount of time, it is proven to be less effective and more expensive in the long run. Not everyone can effectively undergo laser treatments. Lasers only work on people with very light skin and do not work on gray, red, or light colored hair. Treatment can be very painful and cannot be used on sensitive skin or areas with moles, freckles or scars. It is also more expensive per session than electrolysis and the results are not permanent. Laser hair removal requires periodic treatments to maintain the results.

The Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System, however, is far less painful and works on anyone. It delivers the same permanent results of a professional electrolysis machine without the pain and at an affordable price. The Vector System works by applying a highly conductive silver chloride gel to the hair. This gel allows electrical current to pass through the hair and into the hair follicle where a chemical reaction turns salt and water in the follicle into sodium hydroxide thereby dissolving the follicle. No hair follicle means no hair growth!

The Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System is safe, effective and affordable. Purchase your Vector System today for a carefree and "hair free" tomorrow!

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If you have embarrassing unwanted hair, you can now get rid of it permanently in the privacy of your own home. The Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System is the only medical grade electrolysis device available to the consumer.

The The Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System uses the process of electrolysis to permanently remove hair, unlike other battery operated radio frequency devices (such as Igia) sold on infomercials. Offers the same results as professional electrolysis, but without the use of a needle.

The Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System is very easy to use, simply grasp the hair with the tweezers and after a few seconds a chemical reaction occurs in the hair shaft and causes the hair follicle to dissolve and loose it ability to grow hair. The hair that was treated is permanently removed. A meter on the front panel of the Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System shows exactly how much power is being applied during treatment.


1. An electrode patch is placed anywhere on the body (this patch is used instead of the metal rod used during conventional electrolysis for better comfort during treatment). This patch is then connected to the ground wire and plugged into the Vector. The second wire is plugged into the tweezers.

2. The supplied conductivity gel is coated over the hair (the conductivity gel allows hair above the surface of the skin to conduct electricity, without the conductivity gel the hair has a very high resistance and will not conduct electricity even at lethal voltages) and that hair is then grasped with the tweezers as close as possible to the skin without actually touching the skin.

3. The current will flow from the tweezers down into the hair follicle, causing the watery environment inside the hair follicle to react with salt, resulting in Sodium Hydroxide. If you were to put just a drop of sodium hydroxide on your skin it will burn a hole right through. This chemical process is what dissolves the hair follicle and therefore the hair will never grow again.

You can very quickly treat various types of facial hair, although large areas such as the legs and chest will take a long time since hair is being treated one at a time. The Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System is the best investment you can make for the following reasons:

1. You pay for The Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System just once, but get to keep it for a lifetime and perform unlimited treatments.

2. Get the same results as professional electrolysis but in the privacy of your own home, and without paying up to $100 per hour for electrolysis sessions.

3. Unlike waxing, shaving, or tweezing each hair treated by the Vector System is permanently removed and will never grow back.

For example, how much time do you spend every month tweezing your eyebrows? Now imagine tweezing your eyebrows with the The Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System instead and then after just a few treatments never having to tweeze your eyebrows again! You will save yourself hundreds of hours of aggravation and will never have to worry about that embarrassing stubble that comes just several days after tweezing.
Men with very heavy beards can use it to treat random hairs to permanently reduce the amount of hair growth to get a cleaner look when shaving. Even the sharpest razors will not give you a very close shave if the beard is very thick and coarse. After treatments with the Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System you will have reduced hair growth making shaving smoother and less irritating. Alternatively, some men may prefer to completely remove the entire beard.

Either way, all of us have some unwanted hair that we wouldn't mind getting rid of. Isn't it worth just a one time purchase of $199.95 to own the Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System and never have to worry about unwanted hair again?

The Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System now comes with a foot pedal.

How It Works

Electrolysis is a process in which a needle is inserted into the hair shaft and then an electrical current is passed through the hair follicle. Although hair itself is dry, below the surface of the skin it is immersed in a watery environment with a high mineral content. The electrical current from the needle causes a chemical reaction and turns the water and salt in the hair follicle into sodium hydroxide (NaOH), which is an extremely corrosive alkali. If you were to put just a drop of pure sodium hydroxide on your skin, it would instantly burn a hole right through. This sodium hydroxide dissolves the hair follicle and the papilla causing a complete and permanent destruction of hair growth.

Even though this is a highly effective procedure, it is also has many drawbacks. First of all, the insertion of a needle into the skin over and over again can be quite painful. Treatment with a needle also requires a high degree of skill, the technician must guide the needle very accurately to reach the bottom of the hair follicle. Penetrating the skin with a needle also increases chances of infection.

As it turns out, it is completely unnecessary to insert a needle to produce sodium hydroxide in the hair follicle. The Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System machine works by simply grasping the hair with tweezers and applying a highly conductive gel with silver chloride. Without the electrically conductive gel this process would not work, as hair cannot conduct electricity. Applying silver chloride gel to the hair above the skin allows electrical current to pass over the non-conductive portion down into the hair follicle.

The Truth about hair removal
Have you tried using all kinds of different gadgets, razors, waxes, depilatories, and magic lotions and still have unwanted hair? The truth is, none of these methods work and will only leave you disappointed, as well as waste your time.

Here is another fact:

The only known method of permanent hair removal is electrolysis. But anyone who has undergone electrolysis treatments will tell you that it can be quite intimidating to have a needle inserted into each hair follicle over and over again. Perhaps most intimidating of all is the cost; electrolysis treatments are on average $60-$100/hour and require at least one session a week for a period of several months to over a year.

An alternative is to undergo laser hair removal, it will take less time to treat large areas but it will cost more then electrolysis per session and the results are not even permanent. You will have to continue with the treatments periodically to maintain the results.

Consumers have spent millions of dollars on products that have no effect. There is no magic lotion or device that will get rid of unwanted hair overnight. If you have been fooled into purchasing those products by false advertising you may be reluctant to believe our claims as well. Rest assured that you will have real results and PERMANENT hair removal. The The Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System is your professional electrolysis in a small box.

Vector Vs Radio Frequency Devices

Have you been sorely disappointed by that useless gadget you bought from a department store or a television infomercial? Was it not any different that simply tweezing your hair? Yes, it was a complete waste of time and money.

Radio frequency devices work on the concept that radio frequency (RF) energy gets transmitted by the electronic tweezers down the hair shaft. RF energy is similar to the energy produced in a microwave which causes a heating effect. The heat will dehydrate and coagulate the hair bulb and the papilla. Unfortunately, hair cannot conduct current and therefore radio frequency (an alternating current) will not move or flow down the hair shaft. There will be no dehydration or coagulation of the hair shaft.

There is some heating of the actual hair that is in contact with the tweezers due to friction heat caused by spinning water molecules. Heat can potentially travel down the hair shaft but none of it will actually reach the hair follicle. This is due to the fact that these devices have an FDA assigned frequency of 27.12MHz and a power output of 1.5 Watts. This wattage is so low that it takes 60 seconds of RF energy to increase the temperature of the hair follicle by 2F.

Now consider the following; it takes at least 108F to cause any kind of damage to the hair follicle. With the normal body temperature of 98F, you will have to hold each hair for at least 5-6 minutes, one by one, to see any kind of result whatsoever. No one would ever make that kind of a time investment.

Vector Vs Laser
While lasers are now a very effective method of hair removal, this method is not permanent and the treatment is very expensive. Here is some additional information you might want to know about lasers versus Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System.

  • Lasers only work on people with very light skin.
  • Lasers do not work on people with gray, red, or light hair.
  • Lasers can't be used on sensitive skin.
  • Laser treatment is very painful.
  • Lasers can't be used on areas with moles, freckles, or scars.
  • In comparison, treatment with the Vector machine works on any individual is far less painful, and the results are permanent.
Vector Vs Battery Operated Devices
Here are the difference between the Vector Hair Removal system and battery operated devices.

Do you really think that the hair removal device you saw in some catalogue or infomercial that uses a 9V battery is going to remove hair permanently? We are completely amazed when we see commercials for various hair removal products and the absurd claims made by these manufacturers. Let us settle this claim once and for all - there is not a single battery operated device on the consumer market that can permanently remove hair or cause any reduction of hair growth. It is no different then simply plucking your hair with regular tweezers.

The battery powered devices put out only about W of power and usually operates on radio frequencies. These devices cause a slight rise in temperature inside the hair shaft that can theoretically travel down into the hair follicle and after holding the hair for approximately 10 minutes produce enough heat to actually cause some damage to the follicle. This means that you can potentially remove 6 hairs per hour and hope that those hairs do not grow back.

The Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal system delivers the full power of a professional electrolysis machine, just like the machines used in professional electrolysis salons. This means that you can finally own a hair removal device at home that truly lives up to its claims.

We guarantee that every single hair properly treated by the Vector System will never grow back. No other manufacturer can make this claim.

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