Animal Testing: The Truth.

We Were Asked:

I was wondering if your products for hair have been tested on animals? I don’t see any information on this. Thanks.

We Answered:

First of all, we are not the manufacturer. We are a company that purchases products from manufacturers, distributors, and professional beauty supply houses. We, (ourselves) have no say in any sort of animal testing, nor are we for or against the act of animal testing.

Many manufacturers do not disclose animal testing information. This can make it very hard for people to decipher who do, and who do not test their products on animals.

What you have to understand is that at some point, the majority of your products have been animal tested. There are many loop holes to actually admitting that a manufacturers products are animal tested.

For instance, a company can say they do not test on animals, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. A manufacturer may not do the animal testing. Instead, ingredients are tested on animals before they’re made available to consumers. By testing an ingredient to see its potential greatness or harm, a company can say they did not test a product on animals. It’s not the product they tested, it’s an ingredient. This is just one of the loop holes.

At one point and time, most ingredients in hair products have been tested. That can mean everything from people to rats. However, most manufacturers will not test an ingredient on an animal twice, meaning once it’s done, it’s done.

While you must realize that ingredients are tested on animals, you must also realize this: Manufacturers are also contributing to alternative solutions! Manufacturers contribute money, research, and time into finding alternative ways to test their products and future ingredients for the health of your hair.

Out of 8 popular Hair Care Product names here at Stuff4Beauty, only one of them has any record of animal testing. L’Oreal is the only company that has record of animal testing. Does that make L’Oreal a bad company? By all means, no! It means that they have admitted to testing ingredients for their products with animals. Many other companies have done this also, but are reluctant to admit so.

Biosilk, Catwalk, Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Rusk, Aquage, and Pureology claim to not test their products on animals.

What do you, as hair care product users think about Manufacturers and animal testing? Do you know of any additional loop holes? What companies are working for alternatives? How do you personally feel?
Let us know, leave your opinions!

If you ever have a question on whether a specific product was tested on animals, you can always call the manufacturer for more details!

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6 thoughts on “Animal Testing: The Truth.”

  1. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and though mine is irrelevant I appreciate your feedback on this post.

    Animal testing is a very controversial subject in any field, including hair care. If you have any further input, please feel free to share it with all of us!

  2. Manufacturers have the right to test their products any way they chose to ensure the safety to humans. I am in favor of animal testing if that will ensure the saftey of the product.

  3. Great point Barbara!

    Safety to the users of the products, is most certainly the most important factor, but it’s our best hope that some day manufacturers will find an alternative way to make sure products are safe for humans to use.

    Thanks so much for your response!


  4. Sorry Barbara, ALL ANIMAL TESTING IS WRONG!!! animals are sentient beings, they should not be used, abused & tortured at the will of human beings, for ANY reason!!! if human beings are dumb enough to swallow products or put them in their eyes, etc, they deserve whatever happens!!! karma is a powerful thing… i hope yours is to come back as a lab rabbit who is made blind or worse yet to ensure “the saftey of the product”. maybe you should read up on what HORRORS these poor creatures endure…. if you can still have a clear conscious for your opinion &/or for supporting compnaies who test, than you are black inside!!! ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS-ALL!!!!!!!!

  5. no offense: Alayna please dont support Barbara Latsios crap as a “good idea”.. animal testing is horrible. you both need to do some reading on the subject and educate yourselves on it. manufactures puposely torture animals when ther are alternatives to these tests. read up on the draize test a little …in fact, ,here have a picture. all done with no pain killers or sedatives..nobody should hav to go through that especially not for hair volume. and thats just one of the tests they go through… animal testing is wrong and selfish crap like that being posted only supports people to stay ignorant.

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