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Spring is here and summer is approaching real soon! Most of us feel good after getting our hair done at the local beauty shop. Don’t you agree? How many of us long for a change for the summer? Coloring your hair is a great pick me up after a long drab winter. Coloring your hair can be exciting and also scary at the same time. Here are some tips if you are thinking about coloring your hair…………

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Coloring Your Hair Do’s and Dont’s

If you are brave enough to color at home, please be careful! Remember ………. change can be fun!

Matrix Socolor Hair Color
Matrix Socolor Hair Color

Just mix an even ratio of Socolor and Socolor developer and you are on your way to wonderfully colored hair. Radiant color. Rich shine. Consistently stunning results. Confidence comes naturally with SoColor! Socolor is America’s leading tube creme permanent haircolor. With SoColor, there’s no guessing; just exceptional color results. And with 81 shades, you can create every color imaginable from natural to vibrant, from subtle highlights to dramatic effects.

star Save money; Do it at home!! You may mix and match for your own customized shade!! Delivers color clarity and exceptional grey coverage with advanced dyes.

star Offers salon economy one 3 oz. tube contains two average retouch applications.

star Maximizes shine and silkiness with the rich Alpha Honey Complex.

SoColor Tonal Series

COOLS Beautiful cool colors that tone unwanted warmth.

WARMS Rich beige to golden tones deliver beautiful color results.

REDS Vibrant and longwearing reds from subtle to intense.

GREYS NATURALS 100% grey coverage straight out of the tube.

ULTRA LIGHT BLONDES Light, cool, pastel blondes created in a single step.

HI-TONES SERIES Dramatic lift and toning for dark bases, all in one step.

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  1. My hairdresser gave me the formula to color my own hair which is matrix socol #10N, I cannot seem to find this color anywhere on the internet. Does this exist or is this a mix of two colors ??

  2. In socolor, “10N” is actually just called “10”.
    That might be throwing you off. I’m a hairstylist, and i also refer to it as 10N when i talk, but its written as simply 10 in the socolor line. hope this helps : )

  3. Please help
    I have darkbrown to black hair and I would like to know what Socolr I can use to lighten to brown WITHOUT warmth and 20 % grey
    Thank You

  4. Does Wella have a color in a tube (paste0 that is RGD? I use to use 6RG but I think the last the the salon used was RGD…my colored hair is more of a darker copper. What will the 6RG change it to? Norma

  5. my hair dresser used shades for the first time on me…It is absolutly beautiful!! I would like to try this at home is this possible and what more do i use aside from the color (5cb).

  6. I ve colored my hair alot in the past 6 months trying to get rid of a copper color that a salon person put in my hair. Now it is a dark blonde. I want to go back to my natural color which is a light ash brown. what color should i use in the so color? i have gray on one little spot in my part in front. what should i do? its to expensive at a salon and they always get it a very very dark brown that looks awful. help

  7. Hi, just a suggestion, you can use 8A Medium Ash Blonde. You say you color your hair alot so it is going to take a little more time to get the color that you want under all the pigments.

  8. Hi. just wondering, i colour my hair at home and use 4rv in the socolour which is quiet dark i would like to change to a more reddish brighter colour any suggestions??

  9. I am looking to use Matrix Socolor to dye my hair at home. I am looking for a really pretty pale beige blonde color. What color should I use in the Socolor and what developer do I use to do a whole head application. I am now a medium blonde color. How exactly do I mix also. Thanks so much.

  10. I am wanting to use matrix socolor UL-A – Ultra light ash blonde at home and do it myself i was wondering what i would need to do that in terms of developer, how much and whether or not it will turn out as i have a dull medium blonde in my hair. thank-you so much .

  11. Dying hair can eventually cause hair loss, which is why I feel these tips are very important to follow.

  12. I have been using so-color for several years to cover grays and go from a natural dark brown to a 6M/7M (I use both).

    I’d like to reduce the red tone but keep the gold. How is the “HI-TONES SERIES Dramatic lift and toning for dark bases, all in one step” used?

    Thanks so much!

  13. I use light blonde 9it doesn’t hide the grey do I add something more or is there a different number for it but the same color

  14. I’ve used SOCOLOR 6R medium Red for the last couple years… I cannot find the color anymore..has it been replaced with another number?

  15. Hello,

    I need to purchase more Matrix SoColor and Developer. I currently use a 40v developer and SoColor 11 xtra lt blnd plus however it has been coming out brassy and orange…am I leaving it on too long (45 minutes?), should I be under heat, should I cover with plastic? Would an ash help with this? I heard of Matrix V light and Matrix Color Sync which I beliee is a toner…would that help? I am open to changing my routine but am not very good with this kind off stuff and on a budget. Not a great combination! I love being blonde as I am naturally a darker brown color and do not want to go back! Please help me…..any advice is greatly appreciated!

  16. i have light brown hair colored a tad lighter to cover the grey. i now want to go grey around the crown and streak it with grey over the rest. which product should i use? my hair is in good shape and below my shoulders. thanks…

  17. Coloring your hair for the summer is fun. Not to mention, mixing colors is a great way to feed your creative expressions.

  18. I usually mix 1A and 4A ColorSync demi-color haircolors to get a dark ash brown. I need to go with something that lasts a bit longer now. Can I mix Matrix SoColor Honey Creme 4A with Permanent haircolor 2 to get a dark ash brown?

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  20. Is anyone still moderating questions on this site? I asked a question on April 19th that has gone unanswered and I see there was another question asked since then that has not been answered yet either.

    The question I have is can I mix Matrix SoColor Honey Cream (#4A) with SoColor Permanent Cream (#2) to get a dark ash brown? If not, what do you recommend in the SoColor line that will result in a dark ash brown that is darker than 4A?

    1. Yes, we do moderate the site. The questions you are asking can better be answered by your stylist. He or she are the ones that are the experts in the field. Thank-you!!

  21. I want to add Honey Low-lights to my light golden blond hair (9G mixed with ULPN). What should I mix?
    Also for a Light to Medium Carmel low-lights what should I mix?

  22. Hello, Can you tell me how often I can color my whole head wih So Color? My hair fades after 10 days and only 3 shampoos no mater WHAT I USE. I would like to keep refreshing by adding color by weekly. Can I do that or will it build up and look dull anyway? I will probably try Dark Golden Blonde first.
    That is the color I have now, but very dull looking.
    Thanks Donna Farrell

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