Sebastian Dry Clean Only

Sebastian Dry Clean Only has been brought back to our product line for a limited time while quantities last. Gently refreshes your hair without washing. Quickly renews your hair without shampooing. In minutes, your hair is fresh and clean again. Instant cleanser. Refreshes your hair without washing. No water necessary. In an instant, you’re renewed to the roots.

7 thoughts on “Sebastian Dry Clean Only”

  1. Hi Brookie! Yes, we do still have a limited supply. Sebastian stopped making this product about a year ago. Yes, I know – it is sad.

    We were able to obtain some recently, but unfortunately our price to get it was higher than normal, so we had to adjust the price. One good thing you can count on, if you order it, you will receive it! Check out our Discontinued Hair Products section to be able to order it!


  2. Sebastian Dry Clean Only 8.5oz
    Priced per each
    Priced per each. Limited quantities available. 2 in stock.

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