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The texture of my is thick and curly, usually straight. and about shoulder lenght maybe an inch or two longer I was just wondering how long after a perm you have to wait to use products for it. My hair is a little frizzy and I just got it permed yesterday.

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There is a lot of information that comes with perming your hair. Most people agree though, that you should not wash your hair or add product to it until 48 hours after you have permed your hair. Don’t get me wrong, you can put product in your hair immediately after a perm. However, who wants to have a bunch of junk in their hair for 48 hours that they can’t wash out? It’s better to let your hair be as natural as possible during the first 48 hours so that the perm can set properly.

Since you are new to a perm, I would suggest reading through our blog for curly hair tips and suggestions that may help you along with your newly permed hair.

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We have a lot of different people who have asked us questions about their curly hair and we have responded to them and posted the answers in our blog. If you would like to read other advice on curly hair, feel free to look through our blog!

If you have not used any hair product for curly hair, I’d be more than happy to suggest a few for you to try. Frizzy hair can often accompany a new perm, so do not be alarmed if you feel that your hair is frizzy.

Catwalk Curls Rock has an array of products for curly hair. Check out the Catwalk section of our website in which you can find Catwalk Curls Rock products!

Catwalk products: Catwalk products

Find out if Catwalk Curls Rock products are right for you: Catwalk Curls Rock Products Product Help

Another great line that a lot of our customers love is the DevaCurl line. If you have not heard of this particular product line, can give you the scoop!

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