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Alterna White Truffle Luxury Conditioner

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Alterna White Truffle Luxury Conditioner 101 ozAlterna White Truffle Luxury Conditioner 10.1 oz
Alterna White Truffle Luxury Conditioner is an exclusive formula provides the ultimate conditioning by combining Alterna's enzymetherapy with rare ingredients from around the world.

A unique hydro-thermally activated conditioning system locks in moisture and nutrients to revitalize each hair follicle without weighing hair down. Features European truffle oil, the planet's richest source of B vitamins. Alterna's exclusive luxury blend provides unprecedented manageability and radiant shine without build-up. Contains thermal protectants and full spectrum UV protection. Ideal for daily use and safe for chemically-treated hair.

In addition to Eropean White Truffle Oil, Alterna's luxury blend includes the following rare extracts and essential oils:

French Champagne Quality Grape Seed Oil: Cultivated throughout European history, is an invaluable source of Vitamin E, and is therefore one of the world's premier natural anti-oxidants. It moisturizes the hair and scalp while protecting the hair from damaging free radicals.

Caspian Sea Caviar Extract: One of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids, reconditions and protects hair from loss of shine and luster. Russian royalty first recognized its age-defying properties and, as a result, caviar has become one of the world's most exclusive youth enhancing extracts.

Bulgarian Evening Primrose: Cultivated in European noble gardens, is a rich source of gamma linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid responsible for maintaining the barrier function of the hair in order to protect from thermal styling and environmental damage. This precious oil serves as an exceptional emollient and thus provides "slip" for smooth, manageable hair.

Spanish Gardenia: Also known as the Queen of tropical flowers, the Spanish gardenia was used by Queen Isabella of Spain in her daily beauty regimen. The flower is known to have excellent rejuvenating and conditioning benefits for the scalp and hair cuticle, as well as an alluring fragrance. Close

Moroccan Quillaia Bark: From the 50-foot Quillaia tree, was deemed to have enchanted properties such as the ability to promote hair growth. Aware that the bark contained the most naturally delicate cleansing agents available, Moroccan royalty used the bark in their hair treatments.

Arabian Frankincense: Collected primarily by Bedouins in ancient times along the coast of the Red Sea and known to be used by Cleopatra of Egypt in her daily beauty regimen, has tonic properties to stimulate the cellular renewal process of the hair while it smoothes and strengthens the hair cuticle.

Mediterranean Arnica Flower: This flower blossoms on the isles of Capri and Sardinia, was used in ancient times for its medicinal, healing properties and has since become a premier homeopathic remedy. Arnica flower enhances hair strength and imparts long lasting moisturization, while it increases scalp microcirculation to promote healthy hair growth.
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4 Star Rating: Recommended  
The Greatest Hair Conditioner Ever!
Wow! My hair is soo sleek and shiny! It has never looked better. Before using bedhead conditioner, my Hair was all flat and tangly. But after, I was being asked Questions like Where do you get your conditioner? i love how your hair has bounce! when i jump up and down, my hair jumps too!thank you Bed head company! my hair is 10x better!
on 2007-07-11
4 Star Rating: Recommended  
Great Stuff
It is expensive but worth it. The ends of my hair have a tendency to split and be very dry from over processing. This product works great. I recieved a ton of What are you using on your hair it looks great?
on 2007-01-11
3 Star Rating: Average  
Alterna White Truffle Luxury Conditioner
I use to have dry frizzy hair but then I tried Alterna White Truffle Luxory Conditioner. Now my hair is full hydrated and I have no fly away hair. My hair feels healthy without the feeling of weighted down hair due to alot of other moisturizing conditioner. Alterna is truely amazing.
on 2006-12-20
4 Star Rating: Recommended  
A must have if you want to treat yourself!
Yup, got this one as well when I was trying out the shampoo of the same brand. Costs more but worth every penny. You will feel like you are at a top end hair salon after just one conditioning! It has a lot of floral scent but also some sandal wood and lemon grass as well. It leaves your hair feeling thick and healthy and rinses out quite easily without leaving any residue. This is another must have for the gift bags,lol. Thumbs up from this family!
on 2006-10-16
5 Star Rating: Best  
great light conditioning
I love how this conditioner restores moisture, but doesnt weigh my ultra-fine, frizzy/curly, dry hair down. It makes my hair look naturally straight after i use the straightening iron.
on 2006-09-30
5 Star Rating: Best  
pricey but good
once you get past the price of the product , you`ll really like what it does for your hair .. does not weigh the hair down and detangles your hair , leaves a great shine . I use this on a monthly basis because of the price . Its a great way to reward yourself instead of using food for a change :)
on 2006-09-27
4 Star Rating: Recommended  
on 2006-09-22
4 Star Rating: Recommended  
expensive but luxurious
This is a pretty expensive conditioner but you really only need a very tiny amount to get a great results. It leaves your hair moisturized but not heavy and the thing I love the most is I do not need a seperate detangler when i use this conditioner. It has an amazing fragrance that fills the shower but disapates so it doesnt linger with you all day. Gave it 4 stars instead of 5 for price
on 2006-09-22
3 Star Rating: Average  
Alterna white truffle
Alterna white truffle luxury shampoo makes hair fill very reach, soft and light. This shampoo helps with hair loss, deeply moisturizes hair and keeps it in great condition.
on 2006-09-20
4 Star Rating: Recommended  
Alterna White Truffle Luxury Conditioner
This is a little pricey but worth it. It conditions the hair good and smells good too.
on 2006-09-19
4 Star Rating: Recommended  
Not worth it
This is really expensive and not worth it. I have long fine hair and lots of it. It still left me with tanlges. After trying several expensive brand conditioners, I will stick with Pantene!
on 2006-09-19
4 Star Rating: Recommended  
deep conditioner
this features some european kind of oils for great conditioning. it smells really good and works like a dream. use as an everyday conditioner if youd like
on 2006-09-18
5 Star Rating: Best  
truffle luxury conditioner
oh love it gave me soft soft hair nice smell
on 2006-09-17
5 Star Rating: Best  
Alterna White Truffle Luxury Conditioner 10.1 oz
At first I was skeptical to try this product since the price is so expensive but after getting more information about this product and read reviews, I finally bought it. I am so glad that I did. This product is really amazing and works wonders on my hair. It really helps detangling my hair and gives my hair enough moisture so my hair feels smooth and silky, not to mention the perfume smells great and it lasts long. Ever since I use this product, my family always compliments me on how wonderful my hair looks and smells so nice. I highly recommend this product to anyone. Price might be expensive but it is worth every penny!
on 2006-09-17
4 Star Rating: Recommended  
Expensive but totally worth it. Adds extra bounce and shine to hair.
on 2006-09-17
5 Star Rating: Best  
awesome haircare
wow when i tried this it was a great experience. i love the smell and the way it makes my head feel,.
on 2006-09-16
4 Star Rating: Recommended  
Not only did this conditioner make my hair super soft and silky, it also smelled delicious. Do yourself a favor, and give this decadent conditioner a go. You deserve it!!!
on 2006-09-16
5 Star Rating: Best  
Alterna White Truffle Luxury Conditioner 10.1 oz
First of all, this is very expensive! But, if you can afford it, it is wonderful. Smells delicious and makes your hair feel like silk. I only use this when my hair is feeling dried out because of the price.
on 2006-09-16
4 Star Rating: Recommended  
alterna white truffle luxury
wow this conditioner has lots of exotic extracts which is healthy for the hair and this conditioner does a good job detangling and moisturising the hair. i will use this on a regular basis. I think with all of th extracts this conditioner will help keep the hair healthier with less breakage.
on 2006-09-13
4 Star Rating: Recommended  
Alterna White Truffle Luxury!!! Indeed!
this INSANELY expensive conditoner is awesome! Full of exotic extracts and caviar, this superior conditoner does a great job detangling, conditioning and moisturizing my curls. will I use this on a regular basis, ABSOLUTELY NOT, it is too expensive! Will I reserve this for special occasions and days that I need to pamper my tresses, ABSOLUTELY! This conditioner looses 1 star for its price.
on 2006-01-14
3 Star Rating: Average  
Alterna White Truffle
I like it well enough, but not for the price. I just can't see where it could cost so much. I tried it once just to see but probably will not purchase again.
on 2005-12-19
Average 4 stars - 21 reviews

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