Graham Webb Bodacious Shampoo & Conditioner

Back for a limited time by popular demand!

Excellent for all hair types, including chemically treated! Treat yourself and your hair to the seductive Bodacious fragrance with the original Graham Webb Bodacious Shampoo and Conditioner from Stuff4Beauty.

Graham Webb Bodacious

The conditioner leaves hair moisturized, yet full of body, not to mention it smells heavenly!

The Bodacious shampoo is the perfect gentle cleanser for all hair types leaving hair silky and full of body and shine.

Order yours today before it is gone forever.

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Beauty Tip from our stylists: Rough blow-dry dry your hair. Before you start styling with a brush while blow-drying, use your fingers to tousle locks until hair is 80% to 90% dry. You’ll save time and energy.