What Causes Static in Hair and How to Prevent It?

The type of seasons we experience every year very much affects the care we need to have for our hair. We care differently when its summer and in winter there is a pattern shift with the care we perform on ourselves. The behavior of your hair suddenly changes when it is cold outside, you are feeling your hair drying very quickly, and it feels hard to manage. This is what really causes the static in hair. When people in the season of winter wash their hair way too much, they experience static hair. Static hair is a difficult task to take care of whereas if you go for a hydrating shampoo like Aquage Hydrating Shampoo or Pureology Hydrate Shampoo, you could lessen your static problem somewhat.

The use of a metal barrette can be perfect during cold weather because static electricity also causes the static in hair and so applying metal barrette can aid in the prevention of the hair from being static. A hair conditioner like Rusk Sensories Wellness Bedew Hydrating Conditioner or Tigi Love Peace and the Planet Walking on Sunshine Daily Shine Conditioner can really help you in preventing this problem too. What you will need to do is apply the conditioner, get some steam or heat on your hair and then wrap a towel for 30-45 minutes. This will help you with moisturizing the hair to help aid in stopping static.

If you are experiencing dry hair, then treating yourself with a Pureology Super Smooth Relaxing Hair Masque would be perfect as this product will help you in eliminating any dry hair. It also contains oil that keeps the hair in order and never lets it get uneven. In winter always avoid going outside when your hair is wet because cold can make it freeze and that will damage your hair to great extent. Get yourself Rusk Radical Extreme Hold Hairspray which is known to be 100% humidity safe and it also contains some vital ingredients to save you from direct sunlight which contains UV rays. If you are just going out for some shopping then try to wear hat in the winter to protect hair from cold. Better yet, shop in the comfort of your home at Stuff4Beauty! New coupons are out!

How do you stop static in your hair?