5 Tips for Faster Growing Hair

5 Tips for Faster Growing Hair

If you are in the process of growing out your short hair into longer locks, it can seem like an endless and daunting process. There are things you can do however to make sure your hair grows at the fastest rate possible.

Here are some tips to help you in your quest for long hair:

Tip #1 An Ounce of Prevention One of the best things you can do for your hair is to protect it from damage. By choosing the right products for your hair type, avoiding over styling, and excessive heat and sun, you can be on your way to preserving the health of your existing hair.

Tip #2 Nutrition Proper nutrition is very important for healthy hair growth. By eating right and avoiding crash diets, your hair will be its healthiest. Because your hair is made up of protein and water it is essential for you to eat a diet high in protein and to drink the recommended amount of water each day. By not eating enough protein your hair will not grow as quickly.

A daily multi-vitamin can be good for your body and for your hair growth as well. In addition some people swear by eating liver, brewer’s yeast, granulated lecithin, and wheat germ. Others choose a more natural route of eating lots of beans, peas, carrots, bran, nuts, eggs, avocados and olive oils.

Tip #3 Brush Properly It is important to brush or comb your hair regularly. Brushing removes any tangles and it also helps to distribute the natural oils of your hair from the roots down to the ends of your hair. While it is important to brush your hair, it is equally as important to detangle with a comb first and take care to not pull a brush through tangled hair. This will cause the ends of your hair to break and cause split ends!

Tip #4 Ponytails and Fasteners If you choose to wear your hair in a ponytail or braid it is important to not pull your hair too tightly or to use a rubber band. Always wear a loose ponytail and a band designed specifically for hair.

Tip #5 Trim Regularly Because most damage to hair happens at the ends and travels back up the hair shaft, it is important to get your hair trimmed every couple of months. By trimming off any damaged or spit ends you can help your hair to be smooth and healthy while it is growing longer.

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