Shine Wax Alternative

Shine Wax Alternative!
We Were Asked:
I was purchasing Kiwi Shine Wax and need to find a new comparable product since it has been discontinued. Can you refer me to a similar product?

We Answered:

Manufacturers always seem to discontinue those products that really work for our hair, but luckily there are a lot of products to try and like.

If I had to urge you toward one product I would say the Scruples White Tea Satin Paste is very similar to what the Artec Kiwi Shine Wax did for your hair. The Scruples White Tea Satin Paste provides a non-greasy, weightless texture and satin shine to your hair. Formulated with unique anti-humectant qualities, Scruples Satin Paste locks in moisture and protects hair from humidity. This paste offers a very flexible, yet controlled hold for your hair style. It offers both control and texture. It can also be used to create different effects and styles on your hair depending on if you use it with wet hair or dry hair. It’s suggested you use a small amount and work it evenly through wet hair for added texture and defined style. You can work Scruples White Tea Satin Paste through dry hair to finish off your style with definition and a satin-like shine.

Here is a link to Scruples White Tea Satin Paste: Scruples White Tea Satin Paste
Other suggestions include:

Wella Color Preserve Molding Paste is used as a finishing agent when styling your hair. It offers a smooth, matte finish for your hair. One great, added perk of this product is that with a little water you can restyle your hair throughout the day. This paste also contains an antioxidant rich formula that adds moisture to each, individual strand of your hair. Wella Color Preserve’s Molding Paste is also color safe for your hair and offers a medium hold.

Here is a link to Wella Color Preserve Molding Paste: Wella Color Preserve Molding Paste
Joico Creme Wax is also another great product for molding hair into smooth or undefined textures. This is a creme wax. Creme wax means that the particular product combines the ingredients of a creme (moisture and shine) and the fiber of a wax for a defined hold. Joico Creme Wax provides maximum support for your style and allows you to create a variety of textures or smooth styles.

Here is a link to Joico Creme Wax: Joico Creme Wax
I hope this helps!

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