Do Bronzers Work

Do Bronzers Really Work?

Bronzers are excellent for those who do not want to visit the tanning bed or lay out in the sun. No longer do self-tanning bronzers turn everyone orange. Instead, these newer and improved bronzers can help their users achieve any level of tanned skin color. Self-tanners can also provide you with a sun-kissed glow while allowing you to avoid the harmful affects of tanning. There are two types of bronzers you can use. The first kind is found in self-tanners and allows you to build a tan over time. The second type of bronzers is found in lotions that you use in the tanning salon. The type of bronzer you use depends on what you are looking for in a bronzer.

The self-tanning bronzers have gotten a lot of criticism over the years. In the past users have complained that the bronzers have a tendency to turn the user orange or that the product is distributed unevenly and develops a streaky look. Current bronzing products typically do not turn you an artificial orange. If you are worried about having a fake looking tan, there are several bronzer product lines that allow you to slowly develop your tan. Regular applications of these bronzing products slowly darken your skin. This allows you to stop at the shade of tan that you want. If you want to quickly develop a very deep looking tan, there are bronzers that can darken your skin by several shades in one application.

Choosing a specific brand of bronzer is up to you. Many trusted brand names make bronzers and self-tanners. These products range from body lotion to makeup. You can go with a brand with which you are comfortable or there are several sites that compare and contrast the color quality and length of the tan from the bronzers. If you are worried about the color or application of a brand of bronzer, a little research will help calm your worries.

As far as how bronzers work, the mechanics of self-tanning bronzers are simple. The bronzers give pigment to the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. As your dead skin comes off through exfoliation and other means, so does the bronzer. Topical self-tanning bronzers are excellent solutions to developing a deep tan without dealing with the harmful ultra-violet rays from the sun which can cause wrinkles and skin cancer.

If you would prefer to get a longer lasting tan, many tanning bed lotions include bronzers in them. They work much like the self-tanning bronzers in that they give you a quickly developing tan. This is a good addition due to the fact that a real tan can take a while to develop. The bronzers in the tanning lotion give the appearance of a tan while your real tan develops underneath. By the time the bronzer has worn off your skin, your real tan has developed. This can lead to fewer trips to the tanning salon and decrease your chance at getting burned. Tanning beds still produce UV rays so take that in mind if you are pursuing this option.

Bronzers are excellent tools for deepening or developing your tan. As our knowledge about what UV rays do to the skin, bronzers can be a good option for tanned skin without the damage. As bronzers become more prevalent, their formulas become better and better. Even if your bronzer is applied unevenly, there are tricks to even out the color so no one knows the color was uneven. Bronzers can give you that sun-kissed color all year around without the harmful effects of a real tan.

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