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The Goldwell Company commissioned by KPSS, Inc was started during the year 1948 by Hans Erich Dotter and its basic product during those times was “GOLDWELL IDEAL” which was a lotion that gave people the perfect option of giving a long-lasting figure to their hairstyle. This product stood as the company name in future. High quality in all range of products that are being supplied to salons is the success secret of Goldwell company.
1950’s and 1960’s gave a bloom in the fashion hairstyles by introducing its products for back-combed hairstyles. Aerosol SPRHGOLD brand was out into the market those days and gave the comfort of daily usage. During those times, this company added international recognition to its profile with hairdressing specialty. Goldwell became a trendsetter in the world of hairdressing and it was the first to release permanent wave solution which will turn to foam by getting contact with air.
1970’s and 1980’s can be said as the years of business expansion throughout the world. It flew its additional branches to South Africa, USA and Australia.

Right now, Goldwell products are available in more than 30 countries. During 1989, Goldwell became a part of Japanese Kao Corporation in Tokyo. This integration gave rise to 100 new scientists in the company and they gave ravishing new products to the market. With the idea of both board of directors and scientists, to know hairdresser requirements properly, education hubs were started in Europe and Germany during 1990’s and this made the company to get closer to the consumers. The product, “Elumen” released during 21st century was free from chemical developers and got magnetic locking with cuticle. This made this century as the century of innovation and ideal changes.

During 2002, KMS was purchased by KAO Corporation and later in 2005 KMS and Goldwell got merged giving rise to one company name, KPSS, Inc. Later in 2006 KMS was launched again as KMS California and that gave rise to world-shattering Oxycur Platin Ultra which was a blonding powder that provided lightening to hair without the use of ammonium per sulfates. This was the first blonding powder released into the market.

In 2007 Goldwell produced a new honor theory named as Trend Zoom Color Challenge and the final winner in this contest was invited to join the International inventive team who will generate the Trend Zoom collection for the year 2010.

Goldwell is having its academic centers and laboratories for hairdressers, textures, colors, hair care and styling products at Baltimore, Santa Monica, Vancouver and Toronto. Goldwell offers the saloon owners a wide-ranging color care program. This encourages Saloon owners impress their existing customers and get new customers. Alpha Hydroxy Acids coming from the stream of texturizers of Goldwell consists of fruits like grapes, wild berries and apples and helps sealing the moisture content of hair thereby adding smoothness to the cuticle.

Natural energy texturizers of Goldwell consist of the following perms. Normal (N) uses the Elastin polymer complex and makes sure the augmented elasticity of the curly hair. Color Treated (C) with complex of Protein Hydrolysate adds a natural conditioning complex to the pores and strengthens the hair. System Pre-Curl texturizers provide concentrated treatment for use earlier to permanent wave whereas System Inter-curl is superlative for exercise on chemically tensioned, porous and highlighted hair.

Kerasilk hair care product is well-known for providing shine and elasticity to the hair.

Outdoor sun hair care product adds care for before, during and after outdoor activities. It contains Vitamin E and removes salt.

Topchic color scheme brings optimum color to the hair. Like this various product released from Goldwell added fame to its name and made the company the king among beauty companies.