What to Use?

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I was told Nioxin is good for regrowth of hair loss. I am a 63 year old woman who recently went off hormone replacement therapy and since I’ve gone off I am beginning to notice a substantial loss of hair. I have coarse hair that is chemically treated. Please advise as to which products I should use. Do men & women use the same products, and is there a 3 step process? Thanks for any info you could provide.

We Answered:

Thank you for writing to Stuff4Beauty.com! The items you need can be easily assessed at the following link Nioxin.Com. Click on “Assess my needs” and they will walk you right through to the correct Nioxin products to purchase!! Its a really great site with a really personalized menu to help you get the right system that will work best with your hair needs!! When you find what system # you need, feel free to stop back and make your purchase!!

The Staff at Stuff4Beauty.com 🙂