Do You Want Shiny Hair?

From the very beginning beautiful silky hair was considered an irresistible weapon which harbored the secrets of seductiveness. Modern ladies should not forget about that and constantly look after this important charm constituent .

You will probably be surprised to know that you should start looking after your hair not from purchasing expensive fancy shampoo’s, masques or rinses but from recovering a healthy life-style.

To maintain the beauty and intensive hair growth you should include in your day-to-day diet the following: peas, beans, yeast, meat, liver, eggs, and milk. These foods are rich with useful microelements, and vitamins (especially vitamin B). It is desirable to eat more fruit vegetables (about 800g a day).

Try to increase in your daily diet the amount of dairy products, vegetable oil and cereals they are rich with zinc, magnesium and calcium which are so important for correct hair growth. Such products as fish, beef liver, marrow, nuts, parsley, blackberry, apples, carrots, and spinach contain microelements which are very useful for hair strengthening .You can find copper in wheat, bran, barley, corn, oats, beets, onions, fish, oranges, nuts, lemons, grapes, mushrooms.

To maintain the strength and shine of your hair you should take vitamins from time to time. Try our popular Nioxin Recharging Complex for example. There are few more things that have a beneficial influence upon your health, and thereby have an effect on the hair condition: balanced diet and regular exercise. Note that the most active growth and nutrition of the roots occurs when you are asleep. So try to get enough sleep.

Now let us continue with the basics of cosmetic hair care. One of the most important moments here, is how do you wash your hair? Before choosing the shampoo, you should determine the type of your hair. The majority of modern shampoos widely spread in the markets are okay for frequent use. Regardless of the opinion that frequent wash can ruin your hair, we can say there is nothing to be afraid of ………..only if you do it the right way.

When taking care of your hair try following this set of rules:

star Use a suitable shampoo

star Never pour the shampoo directly on your head, spread a bit on your hands first.

star Do not leave the shampoo on your head for a long time.

star Massage your head carefully and rinse it well.

star The water must not be too hot

star Use a clean previously warmed up towel.

star Avoid frequent blow-dries

star Comb slightly dried hair and use a hairbrush with sparse bristles.

Try to use balms, rinses or hair conditioners. They are used to neutralize the influence of detergents in shampoos. In this so called subacid environment hair scales that were tousled during the wash are closing: the surface gets sleek and starts to refract sunrays otherwise. That’s why your hair starts to shine and becomes healthy and beautiful. And that’s not the only purpose of balms and hair conditioners. Before scales close, different agent pieces penetrate into the hairlines and remain there, moistening and nourishing them. After that your hair becomes sleek, elastic and silky.

The better way to dry your hair is to air dry. The hair must be previously blotted with a clean soft towel. It is not recommended to squeeze out the hair – this action only traumatizes it. Also you should not blow dry or dry in the sun or near the stove. Over dried hair loses its shine and becomes brittle. Long hair must be completely dry before the combing.

There is also a lot of advice based on the alternative ways of taking care of your hair. For example to achieve as much shine as possible, especially in the summer you can try dabbing your hair and skin with a high -quality oil such as St John’s Wort.

These are the most simple rules of hair care. If you will follow them you will get one step closer to the hair of your dream.