Detangling Without Damaging!


How To Detangle Without Damage


Are you looking for a way to detangle your hair without damaging it? Look no further! These tips will help show you how to detangle your hair without damage, leaving it looking shiny and healthy!

It’s a great idea to brush your hair before you wash it. By brushing your hair prior to showering you can get out loose dirt and dead hair. Hair has a tendency of getting tangled when it is dry, which makes getting it wet even worse. After washing your hair, it is recommended that you then comb it with a wide-toothed comb. You can do this by separating your hair into sections; this will help prevent knotting. Start at the ends of your hair and work your way upward to your scalp. By raking a comb from your scalp to your ends, you’re likely to encounter a lot more tangles, and you could break off hair by trying to rip through them.

Detanglers can come in sprays that you apply to your hair after washing it, yet before you start to comb through it. Spraying an ample amount into various sections of your hair will help the detangling process. Like many products, however, spraying too much could cause your hair to feel excessively oily. It’s always better to start with a small amount. You can always add more but you can not take it out.

If your hair is color treated, there are detangling products that help keep color safe, while also detangling your hair.

Satin has a product called Satin Protect Detangling Conditioning Leave-In Spray. This is a detangling spray that contains no alcohol and UV protection, making it great for people who swim. This product also removes chlorine and keeps hair color vivid and bright. Infused with silk proteins to reduce breakage, this product will also detangle and create silky feeling hair. This product is for all hair-types, but is essential for swimmers.

Back to Basics has a new detangling spray that is also safe for color-treated hair. It is called Back to Basics Sunflower Leave In Spray. This is an excellent product that offers many things to color-treated hair. Your senses are indulged as the hair is treated with a beneficial blend that is proven to detangle and condition hair. This leave in conditioner infuses weightless moisture into the hair shaft, leaving it feeling soft, shiny and manageable! Sunflower provides lightweight conditioning agents that maintain the health of hair, without weighing it down! This detangler contains calendula that conditions and moisturizes hair, reinstating hair’s original body.

Another product that is safe for color-treated hair is the Pureology ColourMax. This product provides excellent lubricity for detangling all types of hair, while also adding shine. This product is vital for long hair. This product alleviates the difficulty of brushing your hair when your hair is wet, and is excellent to even out multi-porosity hair textures.

Here is a list of detangling sprays that are great for naturally colored hair.

Graham Webb Untangler Detangling Spray. This is a leave-in detangling agent that helps to detangling, while also conditioning hair. This product adds body/volume to your hair, and shine. This product is safe for all hair types!

Tigi Bed Head Health Goddess is an excellent product to detangle hair. This is a vitamin boosting detangling spray that contains vitamin A, B5, C, and E. The Tigi Bed Head Health Goddess rehydrates and detangles your precious locks of hair instantly!

In fact, there are a wide variety of detangling products available for purchase. These typically come in a spray form, however there are detanglers included in some shampoos, and many conditioner. These products are made for various types of hair. Keep your eye out when shopping for detanglers, that way you’ll pick the right product for your hair type.

If you decide to use a conditioner, tangles most often begin at the ends of your hair. So when washing, you’ll want to apply conditioner directly to the ends. That will help to soften the ends and prevent the tangling. If your hair is already tangled, then try putting a small dab, about the size of a penny on the knot, and try loosening it with your wide toothed comb while in the shower.

There are many good conditioners that have detangling agents in them. By using a conditioner with detangling agents, you can both condition and detangle your hair at the same time.

A good daily conditioner you can use is Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Conditioner. This product instantaneously detangles hair with moisturizing and strengthening conditioning agents. This product also contains sunscreens and panthenol to protect hair. This product is also safe for color-treated hair.

Aquage’s Equalizing Detangler is another great product for making hair easier to comb through. This product lightly coats the hair shaft, which equalizes hair porosity and smooths the cuticle. This product helps make hair easy to comb through, while leaving it feeling soft and silky.

Tangles can also occur while you are blow drying your hair. To prevent this from happening, dry a small section at a time while using a wide toothed comb.

Other ways to prevent your hair from tangling is by sleeping using a satin pillow case, or by pulling your hair back before going to sleep. If you use scrunchies, and it gets tangled in your hair, be careful pulling it out so as not to cause hair damage. If necessary, you should cut the elastic in the scrunchie.

If your hair gets tangled regularly, you should make detanglers a part of your regular daily hair care. Shop around and find the best deal you can on a good detangling product as this is preferable to losing your hair, or damaging it.


Stuff4Beauty odd tip: Got gum in your hair? Try using peanut butter, olive oil or mayonnaise and applying it to the gum to soften and loosen it. This will make it easier to work it out of your hair.



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