Paul Mitchell Hair Care on Sale

Paul Mitchell products stand for their quality and are sold through hundreds of salons. We at Stuff4Beauty are please to announce that all of our Paul Mitchell products are on sale this week.

Wonder how Paul Mitchell came to be? Well………… here is what we have found. John Paul DeJoria was in Hawaii during 1980 and he became close to Paul Mitchell. Though they became close in 1980, their first introduction occurred 9 years back from 1980. 1980 was the year this great persons mind got an idea of starting business together. Here, Paul Mitchell became the hair stylist and DeJoria became the marketing expert.

They started the business by borrowing $700.00 and started marketing their products under the brand name Paul Mitchell®. Though they faced bankrupts for nearly 50 times in the first year, they didn’t get depressed. Instead the partners became more active and they started walking from salon to salon giving guarantee to the salon owners that their products are assured to get sold and if they fail to get sold, the owners can return back the products with money back policy. This made John Paul Mitchell Systems® the fastest growing company that is held privately.

Unfortunately Paul Mitchell expired due to cancer in the year 1989 and it became DeJoria’s responsibility to continue the company alone and fulfill their dreams. After this, within no time John Paul Mitchell Systems® made up its retail sales to nearly $900 million per year.

Currently, John Paul Mitchell Systems® products are being supplied through more than 25 distributors in United States for nearly 100,000 schools and hair salons. This company is having their distributors in 81 countries and is supplying their products to thousands of salons. To explore the passions, creativity and talents of the students all over the world, John Paul DeJoria started Paul Mitchell schools around all the states in United States. Education here is carried by very well experienced hair designers and cosmetologists. Basic Cosmetology, Skin Academy Department and Nail Academy Department are the courses provided at Paul Mitchell schools.

John Paul Mitchell Systems are producing more than 90 products which cover brands like Paul Mitchell, Tea Tree, Modern Mitchell, Paul Mitchell Pro Tools and Paul Mitchell Professional Color. Products under the Paul Mitchell brand name are Extra-Body, Color care, Smoothing, Kids, Express Style and many more. These products are pretty popular for giving best results in the first usage.

Modern Elixirs coming from the home of John Paul Mitchell Systems develop balance of lipids, minerals and carbohydrates thereby giving the best to the hair.

New Super Strong® Liquid Treatment is the new invention of John Paul Mitchell Systems. It strengthens the broken parts of the hair and repairs them.

Though many public corporations are coming forward to buy John Paul Mitchell Systems but John Paul DeJoria never agreed. This is because he wants the corporation buying the company to guarantee the sale of products through salons, for John Paul.