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Dear Stuff4Beauty,

I have very curly hair, and like almost all girls with such hair i have a frizz and dryness problem with my hair. Now my curls are pretty good shaped although they get kindof kinky, they are not really tight corkscrews but i have about medium to tight curls. I do not blow dry my hair and i hardly ever use an iron anymore, but yet my curls are still dried-out and frizzy, it drives me crazy! I am using Herbal Essences Hydralicious self-targeting shampoo and conditioner, and i like the way it feels but it doesnt do the job, even after i use it my hair dries and becomes frizzy. Now i do put in an Herbal Essences leave-in conditioner and it does help a little but if i put to much in my hair feels crunchy and still becomes frizzy. I am about to go out of my here because i would love to wear my hair down curly but i just cant! So i was thinking about using the brands DevaCurl or Catwalk Curls Rock. I have read good reviews for both but still i am not sure which one to use for my hair. And i do not want to spend a whole bunch of money on products that arent going to work. So please help me out here and let me know which one you would recommend, or if there is some other product you think would be better. Also if there is any other curly hair advice you could give me it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Thank-you for the response and your trust in our free product help program at Stuff4Beauty.

Devacurl is a top seller in our company and I am able to get first hand feedback daily from customers about this product. It is a system for curly hair and from what I hear, once you start faithfully using it, you will never go back to using regular sudsy shampoo!!

Here is a rundown on the Devacurl:

Devacurl Help and Information

I highly recommend it for you because of your hair type.

If you do decide to get the products and need help for instructions on using them once you receive them, please feel free to email me and I will help you all I can.

My name is Barb and I have been assigned to be your free personal product consultant!

Hope I have helped your curls,


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