Thin Hair: Styling Expertise

We Were Asked:

I have extremely fine and naturally curly hair. The texture has dramatically changed. My hair is very dry, thin, and it is difficult to style. And now, my hair is grey! Most styling products are too heavy and sticky, or they don’t encourage curl. Please help!

We Answered

It’s always good if you can recognize why the texture of your hair has changed. But if you aren’t sure, you can work around that. You don’t always have to understand why the texture has changed to fix the problem.

If you are looking for a way to make styling your hair easier, I think Loreal’s new Texture Expert line would be great for you to try.

The Densite Thickening Primer is a thickening primer for fine hair! This product works to transform limp, fine hair into hair that looks rich, and luxurious while thickening it. This product combines strengthening and thickening polymers for thin and fine textures to build body.

Loreal Texture Expert Volume Elevation Volumizing Serum is a gel that adds structure to your hair. It also gives your hair lift, and shine! This serum provides the texture to style your hair with ease. This product is aimed towards people with fine, fragile, or over processed hair.

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