Dry Hair? Help!

Have you been struggling with dry hair?

Dry Hair
You are not alone. So many of us have dry hair, including me! Have you often wondered why?

For the most part the majority of dry hair problems I see are from our own abuse. We tend to over process (chemically), we dry our hair in a hurry, we wash our hair more than necessary, and we expose our hair to numerous environmental conditions that damage our hair.

What can we do?

Fortunately we now have the technology to help with all kinds of dry and damaged hair.

The first thing we have to do is close down the cuticle or outside of the hair shaft. The cuticle looks similar to say shingles on a roof. When it is dry and damaged some of the layers of shingles are not laying flat but raised up from the layer under it. With the products we have available today we can help close the layers and if not get them closed completely we can fill in the gaps with smoothing products.

Examples of smoothing shampoo products:

Aquage Smoothing Shampoo
Biosilk Silk Therapy Smoothing Shampoo
Tigi S-Factor Smoothing Shampoo

Examples of smoothing conditioner products:

Biosilk Silk Therapy Smoothing Conditioner
Matrix Sleek Look Smoothing Conditioner
TIGI S-Factor Smoothing Conditioner

Examples of smoothing styling products:

KMS Flat Out Smoothing Serum
Joico K-Pak Smoothing Balm
Bain De Terre Safflower Smoothing Gel

Now everyone’s hair is different that is why we have a limitless amount of products available to us.

My advice is to always continue to look for the product that is best suited to your hairs condition.
The only way to do this is to try numerous products and pay attention to how each one effects your hair. A great way to do this is after you have tried a product enter your opinion of it in our hair product review section of our site. This way you will have a log of what you tried, what you liked and what you hated. PLUS we will even send you a free sample of a hair product to try!

One simple thing you can do to help keep your hair nice is to eat a well balanced diet. Your hair basically is protein and one of the first places your body goes to get proteins when you are not giving it enough, is your hair. This leaves your hair stripped on the inside and outside.

One more tip:

To prevent your hair from getting dry and damaged, choose good salon quality hair products to use that will keep your
hair shaft smooth and hydrated.

If you work on it you can keep your hair nice healthy and not let it get dry.

Here’s to hydrated hair!