Taking Curly to Straight!

From Curly To Straight
Have you ever wanted your curly, or wavy hair straight? It’s possible! The first thing you’ll want to do is to select a hair straightener. While it is not recommended to straighten your hair when it is wet, there are select hair straighteners available that can be used on wet hair. Be very careful in your selection of a flat iron!

The first step is to wash and condition your curly hair. Finding a good hydrating conditioner can be very good for your hair once you start straightening it on a regular basis. Heat is good at pulling the moisture out of your hair, a moisturizing conditioner will put back all that lost moisture. There are many cremes, balms, and serums you can use to help produce the straight effect on your hair.

Back to Basics has a creme entitled Back to Basics Straightening Creme. This creme is formulated with a natural blend of ivy and bamboo to help smooth, straighten, and eliminate frizz in your hair. This product provides thermal protection and a humidity barrier to keep your hair sleek and manageable with a healthy shine. The bamboo adds flexibility and body to your hair while the ivy conditioners and smoothes hair during the styling process. Thermal damage will no longer be an issue with this product.

Another straightening cream worthy of your attention is the Farouk CHI Straight Guard Smoothing Styling Cream. This is a styling aid that is easily applied to your hair and is ideal for all your heated styling tools. This product does help to eliminate frizz and promote shine throughout your hair. Before blow drying your hair, apply this product to your hair. Once you have finished blow drying you should notice that the straightness of your hair is controlled and your hair itself is smooth.

If you are more interested in using a straightening balm, Alterna has manufactured a product called Alterna Hemp Seed Straightening Balm. This is a cream gel that straightens both wavy and curly hair. The hemp seed oil that is infused into this gel increases elasticity, manageability and shine. This product also contains seaweed extract which softens hair and decreases the amount of static and frizz. It is recommended that when you use this product, you first towel dry your hair. Apply this product in sections to your hair and use a brush to pull the hair straight while blow drying it.

A serum used to straighten hair is Kenra’s Straightening Serum. This product does it all. It controls, smoothes, and softens your hair. While this product does not have a hold factor, because it is strictly used to straighten your hair. This is a humidity-resistant, non-chemical straightening serum. It works great on coarse, curly, wavy, and fine hair. With an emollient-rich formula this product also helps to eliminate frizz and can help subdue even the most unmanageable hair!

To begin the process, wash your hair and condition it. Apply a small amount of straightening balm to one palm and rub your hands together, then work the balm into your hair. You want to try to straighten you hair out as much as you possibly can while you are drying it. Comb through your hair as you are drying it with a blow set on gentle. While drying, you should always dry it in a downward motion. Blow drying your hair in a downward motion will help reduce immediate frizz. Before we cover how to use a flat iron, here are a few tips on flat ironing etiquette.

Some useful tips for flat irons:

1.) Don’t rely solely on the straightener. Begin the process when you are blow drying.

2.) Use a styling spray. This will act as a barrier between your hair and the iron.

3.) If you use a steam straightener, it will moisturize you hair making it glossy.

4.) Keep your hair in smaller sections when straightening as opposed to big handfuls.

5.) A ceramic straightener is gentler on your hair than a metal one will be.

6.) Never turn your straightener to a setting that is too hot, it is possible to fry your hair.

7.) If you sense the straightener is too hot or you smell something burning, stop using the flat iron immediately!

8.) Never jerk the flat iron through your hair, run it along your hair slowly. This will also help to reduce frizz.

9.) If your hair is fragile or fine, you will most likely use a lower temperature setting than someone with coarse, thick hair.

If you are going to straighten your hair, use a spray or gel to prevent damage.

Most protective sprays and gels have a similar concept in how to apply them. It is best to apply these products in sections as you straighten your hair.

Rusk makes a product called Rusk Thermal STR8 Protective Flat Iron Spray. This is a spray that will keep hair healthy both internally and externally. UVA and UVB sunscreens provide protection during the day while thermplex and cermix complex are combined to leave hair smooth, silky-soft, sleek, and shiny.

Matrix Sleek Look Iron Smoother is another product you can use prior to straightening your hair. This product has a style memory that will work to keep your hair straight, and teach it to stay straight. It will keep hair safe in even the hottest temperatures, up to 450 degrees!

To begin the flat ironing process you will first want to put your hair into sections using clips or combs to hold your hair out of the way. Start at the lowest section of your hair. This will make the process easier and you are less likely to burn yourself. Starting as close to the roots as you can, clamp the straightener down and pull slowly downward. Be careful not to put the straightener too close to your scalp as you could burn yourself.

If you have short hair, a straightener with a narrow plate will do the job nicely. If your hair is long, then a wider plate will be needed. Do this with each section of your hair until it’s all done, then grab yourself a thick, rounded hairbrush. Gently run the brush through your hair in the same direction that you ran the straightener. You may have to repeat this process more than once depending on how effectively the flat iron has straightened your hair.

Enjoy your week everyone!