Fine Hair Suggestions

Fine Hair Suggestions
We Were Asked:

Yes I’ve ordered pureology. I love the products but as of lately I feel that they do not work anymore. I’ve been using them for 2 years. The shampoo & cond dulls my hair. The nano hair treatment is great but Is costing me too much money. If you feel that it is your best recomendation then I will continue it. I want ultra shiney healthy looking hair. My stylist yesterday used Joico conditioner & Bain de terre shampoo. My hair smelled awesome & shiney but I don’t know which type she used. Which are your top sellers for glossy & healthy looking hair. My hair is fine so I don’t want anything making hair too soft.

We Answered:

I would suggest Biosilk for your next shampoo/condition experience. It’s considerably less expensive than the Pureology products, but I myself have had amazing results with a particular shampoo and conditioner. I would suggest, seeing as how your hair is already healthy to use the Biosilk Silk Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner. This is a great combination of hair products for any hair type. While this product helps hair to feel softer, if your hair is already soft it doesn’t make it greasy or give you flyaway hair.

If you liked the Joico product that was used in your hair, I can recommend something along the lines of what she may have used. Joico Silk Result Shampoo is for fine to normal hair. It leaves hair feeling smooth, shiny, and is safe for color treated hair. This product is suitable for daily use and is also a light-weight formula. It’s a gentle cleanser that helps to improve the manageability of hair. The Joico Silk Result Conditioner for fine hair is also color safe, suitable for daily use, and adds weightless moisture to hair. This is a great conditioner for detangling and polishing hair. This particular conditioner also helps to repel humidity, eliminate frizz, and rid you of flyaway hair.

I hope this helps!