Leave The Color Formulations to The Stylists!

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What developer strength should be used on dark hair to dye red?

We Answered

So often we are asked “What color shade should I use?? or “what strength of developer should I use to achieve a color”. By law we are required to refrain from giving these answers due to a possible liability suit so we cannot give an direct answer.

star Honestly – it would be very hard without actually seeing your hair in person to begin with.

star Secondly – there are various levels of hair color as well as shades and underlying pigments in the hair (that depend on the natural level, percentage of grey and previous coloring history).

star Our suggestion – Go for a professional color consultation with a licensed hairstylist who specializes in hair color in your area. They will be happy to recommend the perfect shades for you that will match your skin tone and eye color.

If the stylists recommends a shade for you and shares the color formula with you and it happens to be Matrix hair color or Satin hair color – feel free to stop back in and make your purchase at one of the following links:

Satin Hair Color

Socolor Matrix hair color

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