Protein Treatments and Your Hair

When most people think of protein, they think of big guys lifting weights. While it is true that protein is essential for bodybuilders, it is largely overlooked how good protein treatments can be for your hair. In this article, we’ll be going over whether or not you need protein treatments, as well as what the advantages and disadvantages are and what protein treatments to get.

Protein Treatments: Do I Really Need Them for My Hair?

The topic of protein treatments actually comes up a lot in beauty salons. Women who are trying to improve their hair want to know if protein treatments are beneficial for them and if such treatments are necessary. The answer to both these questions is an overwhelming yes. You probably don’t know if, but your hair is actually 70% protein. The protein in your hair is responsible for keeping it strong. Protein treatments are designed to fill in any empty spots on the hair shaft caused by a lack of protein in the hair. When you use a protein hair treatment, you can expect hair that is lusher than before.

How do you know if it’s time for protein treatments for your hair? The key is observance. To determine whether or not you should give protein treatments a try, consider the following questions:

protein Is my hair thin?
protein Does my hair lack body?
protein Is my hair rough despite using conditioner and shampoo?
protein Have I tried other treatments that may improve the look and feel of my hair?

The Advantages of Protein Treatments

Using a protein treatment on your hair has many advantages. The first is that it strengthens your hair. If you have weak, brittle hair, the right protein treatment can fix this issue. Another advantage is that by strengthening your hair, it also makes the hair a lot softer and smoother. Yet another advantage of protein treatments is that they can make your hair fuller and healthier than before.

The Disadvantages of Protein Treatments

There are so many advantages to protein treatments that you wouldn’t think there is anything bad about them. Well, this is pretty true. The only disadvantage to using protein treatments is that if you use them too much, it can destroy your hair. That’s because overusing protein can dry out and cause the hair to crack. As long as you don’t overuse protein hair treatments, this isn’t cause for concern.

What Do I Buy?

There are many protein treatments on the market. Most of these are geared toward particular hair styles. You need to pick a hair protein treatment product that is specifically made for your hair style. Read box labels to determine which are a good fit and which aren’t. Ask us if you are unsure which one to get! Salon brands tend to make the best protein treatments as they are comprised of only the best ingredients. When using a hair protein treatment, be sure to follow the directions on the box or bottle so that you do not overuse it. It is important not to use hair protein treatments unless you know exactly how often to use them.

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