Joico Design Collection!

Joico was established in the late 1970’s. The aim was to find a way to create hair care that delivered the most effective reconstructive process. Over time Joico worked to create products that included necessary nutrients, proteins, and amino acids to make hair feel healthy. In 2002, Joico merged with Shiseido, leaders in skincare. This has provided Joico with an amazing opportunity to grow and discover new things.

Joico brings to you the introduction of 5 new, innovative aids for styling!

Joico Design Collection
All of these products have essential lipids, antioxidants, and UVA/UVB filters to protect hair from ozonic and radical damage. With a combination of lightweight polyurethane resins, these products will provide you with long lasting, flexible style.

Joico Design Collection Humidity Blocker comes in a 4.1 oz. can. The Joico Humidity Blocker is for finishing off your styles. Designed for all hair types, this product locks out humidity, eliminates frizz, and prevents your hair style from falling. The Humidity Blocker also works to lock in moisture to each strand of your hair.

Joico Design Collection Gloss Wax comes in a 1.7 oz. can. The Gloss Wax provides you with a light hold and a maximum shine. With a formula designed for those with short to mid-length hair, this product infuses your hair with high-impact shine and a light, moveable hold. This is an innovative formula that combines the hold of lightweight resins with the shine of pure micro-crystalline liquid wax.

Joico Design Collection Dry Spray Wax comes in a 3.7 oz. can. The Spray Wax provides your style with a medium hold and a soft shine. This product was constructed for people who desire a textured, next-day sort of look. This product combines the ease of aerosol with the impact of a highly manageable wax.

The Joico Design Collection Molding Putty comes in a 1.7 oz. tub. The Molding Putty provides your hair with a light hold and an alluminating shine. This product was designed for those with short to medium length hair who want a light, flexible hold. This is a hybrid putty that is non-greasy and leaves your hair with a clean finish.

The Joico Design Collecting Pliable Paste is the last of the Design Collection products. It comes in a 3.4 oz. can that provides your hair with a firm hold. This product is designed for those with medium hair who desire seperated definition. This is a hybrid paste that combines a firm hold and a thick texture in one easy to use, light formula for a clean, matte finish.

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