Restoring Needy Hair!

Restoring Needy Hair Back to A Healthy State!
We Were Asked:

A little past shoulder length, fine, extremly damaged & dry. I naturally have light brown hair. Five months ago my hair was professionally bleached out to a shade of platnium. Recently I have been having problems with my hair breaking off and falling out. Not in the ‘comb’fuls but more than I would consider normal. What would be the best therapy for my hair so that I can restore some of what I have lost?

We Answered:

Allow your hair time to become healthy again, and as your becomes healthier, keep the ends trimmed. This will help keep your hair looking healthier as it heals.

When you have your hair bleached it can cause hair to become breakable, brittle, and dry. A lot of this has to do with moisture. Your hair needs moisture desperately to keep it looking vibrant and healthy. What you’re seeing on your brush and in the shower may be a direct result of your hair lacking nutrients and moisture from the bleaching. In case you didn’t know, the average person loses 50-100 hairs a day!

Bonacure makes a restorative treatment called Bonacure Rescue Repair Treatment. This is a treatment for intensive reconstruction to your hair from the inside out. This product is excellent for repairing internally damaged areas of porous and weakened hair. It provides long-lasting internal repair, health, shine, and suppleness. Also, Bonacure Rescue Repair Treatment is safe for color-treated hair.

For a shampoo, I would suggest the Bonacure Rescue Repair Shampoo. This product has honey extracts that help to strengthen and refine hair structure. ApHinity Technology senses damaged hair areas and intelligently targets and delivers instant hair strengthening. Bonacure Rescue Repair Shampoo is safe for color-treated hair.

Bonacure Rescue Repair Conditioner would be a great conditioner, and is the partner to the other products listed above. This product also contains honey extract which adds a shiny suppleness to hair, while also providing you with easy hair manageability. Bonacure Rescue Repair Conditioner is safe for color treated hair.

Using a light finishing spray would be your best bet, as using thick gels and waxes may leave a lot of chemical build-up on your scalp. While giving your hair the nutrients it needs to regain its health, I would suggest Biosilk Finishing Spray Natural for a finishing touch on your hair style. It provides your hair with a light/natural hold with conditioning agents and brilliant shine. Anti-humectants protect hair from the effects of humidity, too!

I hope this helps!