Fact or Fiction!


Fact or Fiction: All About Hair!

So many of us hear common hair care statements and we can’t help but wonder if they are fact or fiction. Today, Stuff4Beauty is going to reveal to you the truth!

Blonde Hair and Chlorine/Swimming Pool Water: All of us have heard that if you have blonde hair and swim in swimming pools that your hair can turn green. Is that really true?

No. Actually it’s not chlorine that turns blonde hair green. High levels of copper in tap water is what can cause hair to be discolored and greenish looking. Now, you’re probably wondering why your hair doesn’t turn green when you shower if you have high levels of copper in your water. It’s the amount of time most people spend in the shower verses at the local swimming pool. Best way to avoid discoloration of your hair is to wear a swimming cap while swimming. It may not be fashionable, but it sure beats having pond-scum colored hair!

Does Stress Cause Grey Hair: At some point we all tell our children, or have been told. “You cause me grey hair!” Can every day life stress cause our hair to turn grey?

No! It’s unproven, however scientists have opened numerous studies on this particular subject. While they believe that stress hormones may effect how quickly your hair turns grey, it’s still unproven. So for now, I guess we can’t blame our children for our old age. Darnit!

Brushing Hair for Quick Growth: Have you ever heard the saying, “If you brush your hair 100 times a day you can make your hair grow faster?” Well, I have! But is it true?

No! While brushing your hair is excellent for scalp circulation and promoted hair growth, brushing your hair 100 times a day is not good for your hair! As a matter of fact, it can even be damaging! By brushing your hair that many times a day you are stressing it, which provokes hair breakage and even possible hair loss!

The Hair Loss Family Tree: You mostly hear this from men. “My dad had a full head of hair until the day he died! I will too!” Are they right?

Not necessarily! It’s really an equal balance of both sides of the family. If your mother had bad hair loss and your father had a full head of hair, your chances are pretty much 50%. If you have a family tree with excellent hair condition though, chances are you will be the same! Always keep in mind that hair growth and hair loss is determined by both sides of your family!

Vodka makes hair glisten! Who’s ever heard of this? Vodka, making your hair more shiny? That has to be a joke!

But it’s true! It’s been proven that if you add a slight amount of vodka to your shampoo that it will add sheen to your hair. Not only will vodka help promote shiny hair, but it also helps clarify product build-up from styling aids you use on a day to day basis! Time to break out the vodka!

Hopefully this is as insightful to everyone, it sure was to us here at Stuff4Beauty!