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We were asked:

Dear Folks:

I’ve had beautiful, thick, curly (not kinky) black hair all my life (now I’m 71), and dyed dark brown when I began turning gray. I’ve always received compliments, even from the beauticians I’ve visited. Suddenly, about 3 or 4 months ago, I started losing my hair, most noticeably when I wash it: The early stages were thick hair; then it turned to wispy strands that cling to my fingers and palms.

My internist had me undergo blood tests for thyroid problems, and nothing appeared to be wrong. He sent me to a leading dermatologist in the city, who had me take another, more extensive and expensive thyroid test; again, nothing wrong. He wants me to see a leading dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic, who is a specialist in hair loss. My appointment is scheduled for December 23 (she won’t take me sooner!) and now I’m concerned that if I don’t get pro-active quick, the loss will be beyond repair. The curls no longer cover up my scalp and I’m terribly worried that the damage may be irreparable.

I am taking Bioxin Forte 3 mg with zinc, and that’s all I know to do. And I now use shampoo with zinc.

I heard about your line of products from a beauty salon, but want to learn more. They don’t carry the full line and since I think I need system 8 and they don’t carry it, I thought I’d deal directly with you.

Will your product really make a difference?
If I place an order with your company, which number product (system 8?), and can you promise some results?
What are the active ingredients? Is zinc one of them? (I understand zinc is important.
What results should I expect in how long a time?
What’s the cost and which products are you recommending?
How long before you can ship?

Please reply at your earliest convenience. I’m terribly worried…

We answered:

The only active ingredients in system 8 is in Scalp Treatment and that is PHENYLBENZIMIDAZOLE SULFONIC ACID (ENSULIZOLE) 4%, SULISOBENZONE 1.6%. It sounds as if system 8 would be a good choice for you. The price would depend on the quantity you purchase and the size bottles. Stuff4Beauty offers free shipping on all USA orders over $50 that ship to a physical address.

You can find Nioxin Sysytem 8 on our site and here is a link to it:

Nioxin Sysytem 8

A great way to double check if sysytem 8 is right for you is to go to and assess your needs using their questionnaire form. Our customers are extremely happy with Nioxin and many reorder and have been reordering for years. We have heard thousands of positive testimonials on the product. Among the good things that will happen we are told that you will notice a healthier scalp in 30-45 days. You should also notice a decrease in shedding in 30-45 days. Your hair will look and feel thicker by this time as you should see an increase in the scalps condition with faithful use. NIOXIN is a very healthy hair care regimen that creates a healthy scalp environment.

All orders at Stuff4Beauty are processed in 24-48 business hours, shipped UPS ground service and normal delivery time is 5-10 business days.

If you need additional help, please do not hesitate to contact us.