Introducing, New Paul Mitchell Modern Elixirs!

Paul Mitchell has been around for nearly 30 years, and with each year their popularity, success, and dedication to the hair care industry has made them worth recognition. Since Paul Mitchell’s passing in 1989, John Paul Dejoria has dedicated himself to the betterment of the company. Refusing to sell Paul Mitchell, John Paul Dejoria continues to dedicate his support to stand by the professional beauty industry.

Paul Mitchell has worked exceedingly hard to bring people the products they desire. With that, we bring you the introduction of the newest line to Stuff4Beauty from Paul Mitchell, entitled Modern Elixirs!

With everything from shampoo to shine spray, we are going to talk new products throughout this article; giving you all the info you could possibly desire, not to mention what these products could do for you!

Firstly is the Paul Mitchell Modern Elixirs Bodifying Shampoo!
The Goal: To add volume and body to flat, limp hair!

A unique combination of thickening conditioners and bodifying agents are combined to add body and volume, encouraging your hair to be thick and alluring. With fortifying ingredients such as nettle leaf, watercress, horsetail, blessed thistle, and cherry bark to build inner strength and increase volume. This product is infused with cherry bark for intensive shine.

To go with the Shampoo, Paul Mitchell released the Modern Elixirs Bodifying Conditioner!
The Goal: To thicken and detangle!

Panthenol which is Vitamin B5, acts as a penetrating moisturizer. It plumps and moisturizes the hair shaft to make it appear thicker and reduce split ends. This product is instilled with nettle leaf, watercress, horsetail, blessed thistle, and cherry bark to build strength, and increase the body of your hair. Cherry bark is also incorporated into this conditioner for ultimate shine capability.

For color-treated hair, Paul Mitchell released the Modern Elixirs Color Therapy Shampoo!
The Goal: Longer-lasting, brighter color!

This color therapy shampoo is a gentle formula with mild cleansers to help prevent color wash out. Special conditioning agents help to restore the natural content of your hair while protecting and repairing damage. With use of a locking system, panthenol contributes to ensuring that your color is long lasting, without sacrificing the body and volume of your hair.

Paul Mitchell Modern Elixirs Color Therapy Conditioner!
The Goal: Longer-lasting, brighter color!

Proteins and botanical blends rich in lipids, minerals, and amino acids help seal in moisture and provide a deep shine for your color-treated hair. This moisturizer will also work to restore and repair your hair, while making it easier to comb through wet hair. This product also contains moisturizing suncreens that protect the hair to prevent color fade.

Paul Mitchell Modern Elixirs Refining Shampoo!
The Goal: Smoothing and moisturizing hair where it needs it most!

The smoothing action of this shampoo is the combination of gentle cleansers, soy proteins and rich carbohydrates. A blend of chamomile, yarrow, burdock root, slippery elm bark and cherry bark add elasticity, pliability (to easily bend without breakage), and prevent moisture loss. Moisturizing conditioners will leave your hair feeling silky and soft when using this shampoo.

The Refining Conditioner of Paul Mitchell!
The Goal: To smooth, protect, detangle and refine your hair!

This conditioner is a leave-in formula! Providing quick detangling ability, smooth cuticle, and refined texture is what most people should notice when using this conditioner. This leave-in moisturizer has a similar blend to the shampoo, using chamomile, yarrow, burdock root, and cherry bark to prevent moisture loss. Another great plus to this product is that it prevents frizz and fly-away hair!

Now on to Styling Products!
Paul Mitchell Modern Elixirs Style Enhancing Foam!
The Goal: Adding flexible body, control and shine!

This enhancing foam is a conditioning formula that provides control, fullness and body. This is a thick foam that creates a flexible look, while enhancing natural shine and sealing in moisture. This product is safe for all hair types!

Paul Mitchell Modern Elixirs Style Finishing Spray!
The Goal: Enhances a natural hold and shine!

The finishing spray adds body and control to your hair. This thick, rich foam creates a flexible definition that enhances the shine of your hair, and seals in moisture.

Paul Mitchell Modern Elixirs Illuminating Shine Spray!
The Goal: High shine and natural texture!

The Illuminating Shine Spray has shine enhancers and a popular blend of carrot root, mallow, sage, and cherry bark for intense shine. This product creates a natural texture with a flexible brush through formula. This product will also help train your hair, and amplify your natural style. Another great positive for this product is that it is ideal for heat styling.

Paul Mitchell Modern Elixirs Styling Creme!
The Goal: Versatile styling with a medium hold!

The styling cream is designed for use on wet or dry hair to define body. With a special balance of conditioners, styling agents, and shine ehancers, this product will provide the added ingredients for a radiant style. This product is enriched with our lipid-rich, activated botanical blend to provide added shine and lock in moisture!

Paul Mitchell Modern Elixirs Styling Serum!
The Goal: This product will create body and sleek control for your hair!

This product offers you a soft hold, flexible styling agents that add body and control to your hair. The styling serum also offers you long-lasting memory and high shine. Versatile style is what this product has with it’s quick drying, high shine formula that is excellent for sleek sculpted and natural blow dry looks.

Paul Mitchell Modern Elixirs Style Firm-Finishing Spray!
The Goal: Firm hold and shine!

Paul Mitchell’s Style Firm-Finishing Spray offers a firm hold, flexible resins and conditioning agents to provide fullness and shine. This product is also humidity resistant, leaving your hair looking great on those dreadful, humid days. This is a quick drying, fine mist spray that provide a clean, dry application.

Enjoy your week everyone!