Hair Loss Fact #1

You asked: How early can hair loss begin?

We answered:
HAIR LOSS CAN BEGIN AS EARLY AS AGE 17 How can we begin to lose hair at this age? Testosterone levels are at their very highest at this time of life. Current thought strongly implicates dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an aromatization by-product of testosterone, in hair loss. DHT fills receptor sites faster and more completely than testosterone (it has an amplified effect). However, what is not commonly appreciated is the fact that aromatization is indiscriminate. In other words, it is equally possible for testosterone to be aromatized into estrogen or DHT. To prove the point, it is a fact that many boys going through puberty experience tender breasts and see some breast enlargement. This condition goes away as testosterone levels decrease with age. However, pseudo-estrogens (environmental pollutants that are also known as estrogen mimics) constantly bombard the body and have a rising impact with age. They are probably why hair loss is now occurring at earlier ages and is more progressive.

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