Lot of Frizz?

We were asked:

I have been using Olive Oil for awhile. I got it becuase it was cheap and affordable. My hair is really thick and it is a lil damaged. I am getting it trimmed and colored as much as i can. My soon to be sister in laws are comsotoligest.. but one has ruined my hair through color.. so i though i would come through you guys for advice. I was thinkin about using the Kenra products.. well i was curious if you could inform me what kind of products i should use on my hair.. i also have a lot of friz. thanks so much!

We Answered:

Thank you for Contacting Stuff4Beauty!! We would be happy to help you with your problem and lend some good advice for your dry hair. As you mentioned you now have damage, we would recommend Matrix Biolage Fortifying Shampoo for basic and /or daily cleansing. This shampoo contains patented Cerafusion technology that bathes weak, over-worked hair with ceramides (hair’s natural inter cellular bonds). Weak spots are repaired as pure botanical extracts revive shine and manageability. The Forti-therapie line also has a conditioner and leave-in treatment.

Want to give your hair a weekly treatment? We recommend a Biolage Cera-Repair Treatment which really works well in repairing stressed hair. It is the stylist formula which is 4 time stronger than the client take home kits. Talk about shiny and healthy feeling hair – this alone will make a HUGE difference in your hair. This product can be found at the following link: Discount Matrix Biolage Hair Products (we chose this for you since you said your hair is color treated).

Thank you for making Stuff4Beauty your confidant and choice with your hair concerns. We wish you healthy hair very soon 🙂

The staff at Stuff4Beauty !