Solutions For Flat Hair

There are many things women seek to change about themselves. One thing that many women dislike and want to change is flat hair. Flat hair can annoy any woman because it can ruin whatever hairstyle they want to have. You may often ask yourself, how do I get rid of flat hair? Have you ever been given answers that don’t really apply to your hair type? In this article, we will be going over how to eliminate flat hair in any type of hair.

So How Do I Get Rid of My Flat Hair?

In order to get rid of flat hair, you must add volume to your hair. Adding volume can be a very easy process, if you know what hair type you have and choose products wisely.

Different Hair Types

Hair care is not a one size fits all thing. What may add volume to one woman’s hair won’t do the same to another’s. That’s why it is important to find products that will work with your hair type to add volume and get rid of flat hair. We’ll go over getting rid of flat hair in long, short, curly and straight types of hair.

Long Hair

You’ve probably seen those commercials advertising hair products. They feature women with beautiful long hair, something you want but may not know how to get.

So how can you get full hair? Well, you can get your hair cut and styled in a way that promotes volume. The shorter your hair, the more volume you will have. Or if you prefer to keep long hair, the easiest way to add volume to your hair is to buy the right products.

What products should you buy? You should look specifically for salon brands of shampoos and conditioners that say they add volume to those with long, fine hair. These brands tend to be most effective.

May we suggest some volume shampoo’s that are available;

star Vavoom Bust Out Body Shampoo

star Back to Basics Apple Ginseng Volumizing Shampoo

star Sebastian Body Double Thick-In Shampoo

star Pureology Volume Shampoo

star Sexy Hair Big Volume Shampoo

You may want to try any of the matching volume conditioner’s that are available;

star Sebastian Body Double Thick-In Conditioner

star Back to Basics Apple Ginseng Volumizing Conditioner

star Back to Basics Apple Ginseng Volumizing Conditioner

star Pureology Volume Condition

star Sexy Hair Big Volume Conditioner

Short Hair

Just because you have short hair, it doesn’t mean the hair will be full of volume. Yes, even short hair can become quite flat. In this case, the one thing that you can do to improve the situation is to buy a good hair care product or two.

When buying products, be observant to the labels. You do not want to pick a shampoo or conditioner meant to add volume to long hair. You do, however, want to pick salon products that have been created specifically for short hair.

Sexy Hair Concepts has a large selection of products for short hair.

Curly Hair

Curly hair may give the illusion of being full of volume, but sometimes it isn’t. If you’ve got curly hair and want it to be thick and beautiful, you’ll need to make some changes in order to make this happen.

As we’ve mentioned before, the first step towards adding volume would be to try salon products. Because salon products have become so diversified, it’s easy to find products which will add volume to even the flattest curly hair.

Many of our customers have found Devacurl Hair Products to be the best choice for curly hair!

If you cannot get enough volume from these products, you can try combing and styling your hair each time you wash/condition it. When you do this, you’ll find that the hair naturally puffs up and looks better.

Straight Hair

Fixing flat straight hair is pretty straight forward. Like with any other type of hair, the key here is to choose the right salon product to get the job done. Pick products that are intended for use on straight, fine hair. Use these products as directed and comb/style your hair after each wash. You should notice a significant change in a short period of time.

Some products you may find useful for straight hair:

star Pureology Superstraight Shampoo

star Pureology Super Straight Condition

Pureology has hair products suited for every type of hair and is currently top selling product this May 07! Check out their website when you have a moment to view all the awards they have received!

Final Tips

To summarize, here are the things to do to add volume to any hair type:

star Choose the right salon products for your hair type.

star Use products as directed.

star Get a good hair cut and, if possible, get your hair styled in layers so that it appears to have more volume.

star Style and comb your hair after each wash.

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