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According to your list for Nioxin Products for my hair type, I need System 3 for Cleanser, but I think I need Nioxin Scalp Therapy System 4. I have dry kinky curly hair and thin. It’s mainly kinky in the front around my face and at the neck line. When I leave it naturally after I wash it, it’s curly and looks thicker but when I blow dry it, it looks thin and some of my scalp is showing more and more. My scalp itches and feels tight. I have chemically treated hair and it’s thinning out a lot on top, crown and around the front and it keeps breaking and falling out. I’m turning 60 and in my family we tend to thin a lot where you can see the scalp. I also take prescribed medication. My sister went through Chemo in June and she lost a lot of hair and it’s also thin (it did not fall out completely and now it’s growing back more). Her scalp shows more all around the head, so I’m not sure if she should also use System 3. She has soft fine thin hair and straight. Could you suggest what would be the best system for each of us? We need shampoo, conditioner, scalp therapy, scalp treatment??, the Follicle Booster???, Styling Aids and hair spray. I would like to try the Recharging Complex.

This is my first time shopping for Nioxin on the Internet, so I would like to know prices also. Do you have a catalog that we can use? I find it not so easy looking things up.
Or if someone could explain, I can use it in the future. We are interested in the New Nioxin Products.

I’m hoping to hear from you and order some of the products to get my hair (and my sister’s) looking nice, fuller and healthier.

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Thank-you for writing to Stuff4Beauty. The best assessment you can get is by going to Nioxin.Com and assess your needs. Once you do that, please let us know and we can call you to explain how the prices work, and the ordering process.

Nioxin is our favorite for thinning hair!]

Stuff4Beauty 🙂

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