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Does Coloring my hair damage it? In a nutshell the answer is yes it does. The object is to get it colored while doing the least amount of damage to the hair shaft as possible.

Let’s have a quick hair anatomy lesson.

The hair shaft has three different parts. They are the cuticle, the cortex, and the medulla. The outer layer is the cuticle If you were to look at it under a microscope it would look like a series of roofing shingles one overlapping the next. The tighter they lay on each other the healthier it is. The next layer under the cuticle is called the cortex this is where the color is deposited and here is the tricky part, you cant get to the cortex without damaging the hair, You have to separate or lift the shingles in order to leave color inside the shaft. It is very important to now exactly how much color and how much lift is necessary to get the desired results. It is always advisable to do a test swatch to help determine unknown factors. We recommend at a minimum that you go over all the details with your hair care professional before you start the process.

Stuff4Beauty would like to help keep color damage at a minimum by offering,



new line of professional hair color


This line has a very easy way to understand the base colors. (N=Neutral) (NW=Neautral warm) (G=Gold) (R=Red) (GV= Golden Violet) (MG= Mahoganey Gold) (A=Ash) (C= Copper) (AG= Ash Gold) (CC= Brilliant Copper) and (RM= Red Mahoganey)

medium red red So as an example 4RR would be a medium red red brown. Pretty fool proof if you know your colors!

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