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My hair was really thick and after the cutting and layering has thinned out. My hair used to be really curly and now due to a new straightener, my hair is only curly at the roots but the rest of it is straight. I want to fix it and get my natural hair back. So I want it to grow out really long and I need help.

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The first step for bringing your hair back to a healthy state is to pamper it! Do you dry your hair with a towel? Perhaps, use a T-shirt instead. Towels are coarse, hard material that put unnecesary stress on your hair. You should also keep a close eye on your hair straightener. High temperatures can be damaging to your hair, especially when ironing it.

I would recommend the Bonacure Rescue Repair product line. This includes the Bonacure Rescue Repair Treatment, conditioner, and shampoo. They contain amino acids, Pro-Vitamin B5, and CAN that will help repair your hair long-term. The shampoo and conditioner will work side-by-side to strengthen and refine your hair structure.

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