Giving Hair Body!

We were asked:

I have collar length, layered hair. It is medium/straight. I really want fullness, body, and shine to my hair. For styling products, I want some decent hold.

We answered:

It’s always great to find new ways to amplify and volumize your hair!
I have two different product lines to recommend to you. One is more high priced, while the other is slightly lower.

The first, is Aquage. Aquage has a wide variety of products, and is a good, solid company.

Aquage has a volumizing conditioner and shampoo that sound right up your alley. The Aquage Volumizing Shampoo is a sulfate-free shampoo that will gently add volume to your hair. This product also contains sea botanicals. Sea botanicals help keep color treated hair, longer lasting. Another great positive to add to this product, is that it reduces frizz and promotes the beauty of shine through your hair all day long. The Aquage Volumizing Conditioner furthers what the shampoo does. It leaves your hair feeling smooth, shiny, and luxuriously silky. While sealing in your color, it also thermally protects your hair!

Here is a link to our Aquage Products: Aquage

The second product line we recommend is Pureology. The Pureology Volume Shampoo is a good product to naturally boosting hair’s body and volume. This shampoo works using various proteins and botanicals to improve the health of your hair, while infusing it with shine. It’s a superior product for all color-treated hair, and works to keep your color bright and fresh looking. The Pureology Volume Conditioner will defend your color! It’s a lightweight conditioner that volumizes your hair while working to moisturize and detangle without weighing your hair down.

Here is a link to our Pureology Products: Pureology

The Aquage is the lesser expensive of the two, but both products are worth trying out!

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