How To Enhance Straightened Hair

Straightening your hair doesn’t have to cause damage. Follow these guidelines and reap the benefits of beautiful straightened hair without the split ends or frizz. The first step in getting sleek, straight, sexy hair is to “prep” it properly. In order to prep, you’re going to need a few key items that will help things go smoothly. Straight, sleek, shiny hair can be achieved by either using a blow dryer and /or the right flat iron.

Styling products: Pick products that say ‘smoothing’ and ‘straightening’. These are targeted to smooth the cuticle while blow-drying or ironing. For glossy, smooth, straight hair use Sexy Hair Power Straightening Balm . Using a heat styling cream will protect against split ends.

Sectioning clips:
These are going to help ‘organize’ your hair into sections to promote an even blow-dry or flat iron. If the heat can’t penetrate the entire cuticle, then your hair won’t get completely smooth. So the thicker and curlier your hair, the smaller section you should straighten at once. When I straighten my hair, I work from the bottom up.

Blow-drying tips: Once each section of hair is straightened, blast quickly with a shot of “cool” air on the hair dryer; this will lock the cuticle in place and prevent frizzing/curling.

Flat-Iron tips: NEVER flat-iron wet or damp hair UNLESS you’re using a wet-to-dry flat iron, which is specifically designed to take hair from wet to dry. If you use a basic flat iron on wet or damp hair, it will fry the cuticle and often cause breakage that is basically irreparable.
After, spray a little hair spray and your good to go!

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Tip of the Day!!!
To help prevent the spread of bacteria always remove your eye makeup at night. Also, remember to replace your makeup at least every six months.