Bring Back the Bounce:

Bring Back the Bounce:

Hair Tip # 3:

All week we rush and rush to get from one place to another on time. Each day we do a mental count down until the weekend. When the weekend comes we treat ourselves to many different things depending upon who we are.

Some of us enjoy our weekend relaxing around the house, while others hurry home on Fridays to get cleaned up to go out on the town dancing or shopping. We treat ourselves to a weekend of pleasure.

That is why it is nice to set one time once a week to treat your hair to a special deep cleansing to strip all the pullulates that it has gathered from the residue build up, hard-water particles, shampoo and conditioner throughout the week.

One of the best products that I have found for this is this amazing Biosilk Clarifying Treatment. It is a superior, instantaneously clarifying conditioner that immediately begins to condition and purifying the hair. During this time it is dematerializing hair. The treatment also dissolves build-up and while working to dissolve mineral build up on the scalp.

This is very important tip in order to restore the shiny, color, and bounce back into the natural condition of the hair. Doing this at a min. of once per month, but aiming for the goal of finding the time to do it once per week. It is not recommended to use for every shampoo, as well as not needed every time. Once you use this on your hair, you will remember the great feeling and look forward until the next time.