Why not try some Proper Hygiene?

Hair Care Tips #2

Why not try proper hygiene?

Over the course of our life span we all have heard from our parents and in our health class the importance of proper hygiene. When we think of proper hygiene we think of washing our body, brushing our teeth and even washing our hair. What we have not considered when we speak about proper hygiene is to consider how we should prepare ourselves for proper hygiene.

How many of us prepare our bodies for this wonderful shower that we take every day to stay clean and practice proper hygiene? Most of us fail to do these special little things that help us prepare to cleanse our body completely.

Our hair is the #1 thing that we neglect to prepare ourselves for cleansing.One thing we need to know is that we should be preparing ourselves at a minimum of twice a day, but only three to four times a week at the most should we shampoo and condition our hair. If we wash our hair to much we will be causing damage to the hair, thus causing the health of our hair to decline.

Preparing for proper hygiene we need to start by improving the health of our hair by massaging our scalp. This will help to our glands on the scalp to stimulate the oil glands causing the scalp to produce its own natural oils into the hair. This is important for all types of hair, including those individuals hair that claim to be very oily. The scalp needs this massage. This massage will bring circulation to the scalp.

When it comes time to properly wash your hair, you should consider the type of hair that you have before selecting the shampoo and conditioner. Tigi shampoos and conditioners are great. When they designed these shampoos and conditioners, they considered the many different types of hair, age and sex that the shampoo and conditioner would be used on. This is one company that has covered it all.