We’ve gone through that awful period in our teens when we would inspect our faces every day and find yet another embarrassing zit. But now that we are adults, that is all in the past. Oh no! Is that really a zit on my face? At my age? How could this have happened?

Well, what do we know about acne? Acne is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the skin, usually related to hormonal changes and overactive sebaceous glands during adolescence. Acne appears in a variety of different types, ranging from non-contagious pimples to deep-seated skin conditions. Acned skin has the same characteristics as oily skin and often affects not only the face, but also shoulders and back. It has not been determined why some people develop acne while others do not. What has been determined is that acne has a demoralizing effect and, if neglected, can cause pits and scars (physiological and psychological) that will not be easily outgrown.

Though acne generally starts at the onset of puberty, it also afflicts adult men and women. In fact, Adult acne affects 25% of all adult men and 50% of adult women at some time in their adult lives. Why? There are many possible reasons. Hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy, for example. Medications, anabolic steroids, for example. Chafing of the skin on a regular basis. Certain industrial chemicals and environmental conditions. The skin is constantly being exposed to acne inducers and it is amazing that more adults don’t have acne more often.

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Pharmaskincare acne products attack acne on many levels, whether you are an adolescent or an adult. The primary concern is to treat those blemishes that have appeared on the skin. Then, it is equally important to prevent the recurrence of acne. Each of the products has been formulated to open clogged pores, destroy acne causing bacteria and relieve inflammation by means of a potent combination of ingredients that work interactively with each other. They are a vital part of a powerhouse multiple treatment for acne that restores your skin to health and helps keep it that way The end result will be skin that is dramatically clearer and — with proper follow through — less prone to future attacks.

Your skin is what people notice first. It is now possible with Pharmaskincare Acnecare to have blemish-free skin at any age.

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