I Don’t Understand Why the Price is so High

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I have been using this product for several years. I just found out that it is discontinued but notice that you still have some in inventory. I don’t understand why it is $29.99. This is twice the price of what I paid for it. Is this a pricing error? Head Games Attitude Adjustment Reworkable Sculptor 2.5oz Head Games Attitude Adjustment Reworkable Sculptor is a hi-power cream sculptor adjusts to your every mood. Style and restyle throughout the day.
Limited quantities for this item. 9 in stock.
Price: $29.99

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I really want to get the Artec Purehair Chamomile Aloe Moisturizing Balm since I ran out of mine today. Is your price really that high? I would love to buy a few bottles.

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I think it is an absolute rip-off that you are selling Kiwi Shine Wax for 39.99 when you originally sold it for around 10. I have purchased it from you before, I come back to buy more and it is four times as much. I know the product has been discontinued but that doesn’t make it right for you to take advantage of people.

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We work very hard on being the #1 site for hard-to-find and discontinued hair care products. As a discontinued product becomes harder to find – our team of professional hair care headhunters spend lots and lots of time making these products available for the site. Also, as products become harder and harder to find, the value of the items increase and that does mean we have to pay more as well. The prices are no longer at retail price but rather market price.
Always trying to be the leader in discontinued – we are always competitive and fair when it comes to our prices on non-discontinued products and discontinued products – remember – we pay for products and at times a lot more too! We work diligently just to make sure we convenience our customers by being the #1 recommended site for hard-to-find and discontinued hair products!!

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